Sky is a character from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Another FanFic. She is Sky's sister.



Ema has an orange hair, aqua eyes and glasses.

She likes wearing jeans.


Ema is a kind person, with a cool character. She likes learning languages very much. She says she had learned Cantonese when she was 7 years old, and said it was a medium difficult to learn it.

The languages she knows right now are:

  • Bulgarian (native language)
  • Turkish (learned from some turkish friends at 5)
  • English (from reading Marvel comic books)
  • Cantonese (learned at 7)
  • Mandarin (learned at 8)
  • Korean (learned from listening K-pop)
  • Russian ("first" foreign language)
  • German ("second" foreign language)
  • Spanish (attending language courses)
  • She is currently learning Latin and Japanese.


Her family name kanji 西宮 is actually a city in Japan. The city is named Nishinomiya .


Ema plays with an Amazoness Deck

Opponent Chapter Outcome
Kristiana 2 Win
Amazoness Deck
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