"AXyz" an abbreviation of "Aero Xyz", abbreviated "AX" Earo Ekushīzu), is an Archetype of monsters that can be Xyz Summoned by Chaos Xyz Evolution, with the effect of "Rank-Up-Magic Cross Into The Blue", and is closely tied to the "Mecha Phantom Beast" archetype. They have been used by Commander Cincinnatus Foster in order to upgrade some of his Extra Deck denizens. These monsters are created through the elemental power of WIND to improve Xyz Monsters of the same Attribute.

Xyz Materials attached to "AXyz" monsters resemble light-blue streams of energy radiating off of the wings of such monsters, and are referred to as "Jetstream Overlay Units". Like monsters that can utilize Chaos Xyz Evolution, these monsters require an additional Xyz Material but with 1 higher Level in a regular Xyz Summon, since they themselves are 1 Rank higher than their respective original counterparts.

All "AXyz" monsters are depicted as being in a blue sky with clouds below them, and air rushing around them, as if they were flying at incredible speeds. Plus, all "AXyz" monsters are either Machine-Types or have a very mechanical and futuristic nature to them. In juxtaposition to the "CXyzs'" glowing red lines, "AXyz" monsters have glowing blue lines across their body that pulsate as they fly about.

Due to their connection to the "Mecha Phantom Beasts", "AXyzs" possess effects involving or creating Tokens, as well as making sure they retain a commanding presence over the field, to reflect on their owner's belief on battlefield control through tactical and strategic superiority. As such, "AXyzs" make for very capable opponents against their "Barian" counterparts.

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