"Acrobatic Warrior" (Japan-flag A・WARRIOR(アクロバット・ウォリアー) Akurobatto Woriā, Acrobat Warrior) is an archetype of Warrior-Type monsters with different Attributes used by Taion Yuki. It was ideated by XBrain130 and realized with the help of LionHeartKIng.


"Acrobatic Warriors" are designed to have both the heroic designs of "Elemental HEROes" and the dancing motifs of the "Cyber Girls", resulting in warriors that use acrobatic martial arts to fight. They also have some similarities with the "Cyber Angels".

Except for "Acrobatic Warrior Meta", the basic monsters are named with an noun related to their Attribute fused with a hand-to-hand combat technique, while the boss monsters are named after ancient war deities.

The basic monsters have EARTH-FIRE-WATER-WIND Attributes, the normal bosses are LIGHT, and "Meta" and its evolutions are DARK.


"Acrobatic Warriors" focus on using Ritual and Fusion Summon together. The base monsters usually have one effect meant to gather the necessary cards to Summon their bosses, and another one to keep the advantage after doing so. They ares supported by, and in turn support, the "Acrobatic" Spell/Trap Cards.


Fodder Name Attribute Technique
Acrobatic Warrior Breathchoke WIND Chokehold
Acrobatic Warrior Flamesweep FIRE Sweep
Acrobatic Warrior Frosthold WATER Grappling hold
Acrobatic Warrior Moltenpunch FIRE Punch
Acrobatic Warrior Rockhead EARTH Headbutt
Acrobatic Warrior Stonethrow EARTH Throw
Acrobatic Warrior Stormkick WIND Kick
Acrobatic Warrior Waveguard WATER Guard
Bosses Name God Mythology
Acrobatic Warrior Belus Belus Babylonian
Acrobatic Warrior Camulus Camulus Celtic
Acrobatic Warrior Kartikeya Kartikeya Hinduist
Acrobatic Warrior Mars Mars Roman
Acrobatic Warrior Meta-Bast Bastet Egyptian
Acrobatic Warrior Meta-Laran Laran Etruscan
Acrobatic Warrior Tyr Týr Germanic
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