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"I've forgiven Lehel. So I could forgive myself too. Our fates are interwined!""
— Agaton to Schmirko about Lehel —

Agaton is one of the protagonists from the YouTube series Yu-Gi-Oh! RLDS. His first appearance is in the first episode of the series in the year 2011. He is a young man and was a very talented duelist, but has retired from dueling over one year ago.

However his past catches him up, after his girlfriend Kara was captured by the antagonist of the series, Nemezis. He pays a visit to his old friend Lehel, so that the latter can help by giving him a deck to bring Kara back.


RLDS Season 1

In 2011, over one year after Agaton stopped playing the game, a Shadow Master called Nemezis abductes the soul of Agatons girlfriend Kara and sends her to Darkness in the Shadow Realm. His goal is to conquer the aforementioned manifestation in the world. Shocked and upset he visits his friend Lehel to ask him for a deck so that he can confront Nemezis. Lehel not only gives him a deck, but he also offers his own help. The duo then fights an old-fashioned practice duel in which Agaton takes the victory. After that he receives the card Exodia the Forbidden One from his friend. Lehel says, if all five pieces are collected they will be unstoppable.

Some months later, Agaton got a package from Beze who has sent the two friends more modern Duel Disks to take down the Shadow Duelists of Nemezis. Before he and Lehel start to catch the first two of them, Agaton has improved his deck. His first opponent is the Shadow Duelist Baltazar who tells him that Agaton is by far not strong enough to confront his master, but he will be if he collects all five pieces of Exodia. Before they start their duel they make a deal: The winner will get the pieces of the Forbidden One from the loser. During the duel Agaton tries to create pressure by summoning his new boss monsters like Buster Blader, the Dragon Destroyer Swordsman. However Baltazar defends himself very clever with Burn and Mill tactics. After many turns Agaton has only one card left in his deck which turns out to be De-Spell. With this card he is able to win the duel and one more piece of Exodia. Baltazars soul is absorbed and sent to the Shadow Realm. At the same time Lehel wins his duel, too. The two friends congratulate each other and are happy that they now possess three parts of the Forbidden One.

Agaton summons his "Buster Blader"-Fusion monster for the first time.

After a long period of time Agaton visits Lehel. He finds his friend in an agonistic mood. When Agaton asks what happened, Lehel tells him that Nora found out how dangerous their situation had become. She tried to stop him from dueling and risking his life, but when she failed and Lehel continued his mission she left him. Agaton expresses his feelings and reminds him that they have to find the next Shadow Duelist to get more closer to rescue Kara’s soul. Together they go to take on Nemezis‘ last and most dangerous servant: Phoenix! When they found him he tells the duo that he holds the last two Exodia pieces. The Shadow Player offers the cards as the prize if the team beats him. If they lose, their souls will be delivered to the Shadow Realm. Since Phoenix is a very confident duelist, he suggests to play in a Tag Duel against both Agaton and Lehel. The pair accepts with some skepticism. During the fight they have to pay more attention than before, since Phoenix uses the Synchro Summoning technic. Neither of the two duelists has heard of this Summoning method before. Phoenix drags out the duel by resurrecting his Colossal Fighter after every attack, while Agaton confronts him with Buster Blader, the Dragon Destroyer Swordsman. They fall into Phoenix' trap when Phoenix suddenly takes control of Buster Blader who gains 500 ATK for every of Lehels dragons. With this change, Agatons life points drop down to zero, but before Phoenix could defeat Lehel also, Agaton prevents his friend from losing with his trap The Golden Apples. This brought Lehel the turn which he needed. He summons his Blue-Eyes White Dragon and finishes Phoenix off. After the victory, the pair finally has together all five pieces of Exodia, so they can start off to face Nemezis.

After preparing for the final showdown against Nemezis, the duo arrives at the place where the entrance of the Shadow Realm is hidden. When Agaton holds up the Exodia pieces, the portal opens and they walk into the other dimension. They don’t have to search long for the Shadow Master. Agaton challenges him for the ultimate duel with the promise from Nemezis to set Kara’s soul free. After a highly intense match Agaton has no cards in his deck anymore. With Jar of Avarice he shuffles all Exodia pieces back into his deck and draws one of it. Then he drew the other four with Shard of Greed and Wonder Wand. Nemezis is defeated by Exodia and his soul disappeared, but it turns out that this was planned the whole time. Suddenly Darkness appears and tells them that Kara's soul will return, however they cannot take something from the Shadow Realm without a price. He reveals to them that one duelist of the two has to stay forever. Agaton and Lehel see that there is no other way, but since they don’t want to let each other stay in the Shadow Realm, Darkness explains that they have to decide their choice with a duel. If Agaton wins, Lehel is free and vice-versa. Everything depends on this last duel. During the match, Agaton attacks Lehel almost every turn so that the

Agaton and Lehel see each other for the last time.

latter has to defend himself with Spell and Trap Cards, while the tables turn every time with each move. After a thrilling duel, Lehel attacks Agaton with his Blue-Eyes directly. Agaton stated that he still has a few life points left, but Lehel activates his final facedown card: Dragon’s Rebirth. By banishing his strong Blue-Eyes he summons his last monster, Luster Dragon #2. Now Lehel can attack directly. Agaton is shocked, however the duel is over for him which means, he is free. While Lehel disappears into the shadows, he tells his friend that everything is alright and he always wanted to be hero. Before he vanishes, he gives Agaton his Luster Dragon #2 card, then his soul is completely absorbed by the Shadow Realm. Agaton then returns to Kara. Both are happy that her soul is rescued, but they are crying about the loss of Lehel.

Crossover Movie "Linked Fates"

Conversation of Schmirko and Agaton during the movie "Linked Fates".

The movie story takes place in 2017 and 2018. Sometime after the events of Season 1, Agaton and Kara got married and are currently living their life as normal people. He doesn't know that their marriage is seen by Lehel who called himself Ronin at that time. In all these years it's hard for them to get over the loss of Lehel. Especially for Agaton it's difficult to handle the situation. He blames himself for the past events.

Agaton manages to summon his second Link Monster Topologic Bomber Dragon.

However his attitude changes immediately after an old familiar face shows up in his life again: Schmirko appears as a hologram on Agatons old Duel Disk and tells him that he recently faced a quite dangerous opponent called Ronin and tries to convince Agaton to protect Tamas from Ronin. First he refuses and mentions that Tamas has friends who can keep him safe and furthermore he doesn't know a stronger duelist. But Schmirko smiles and says that they don't have a deck like Agatons. Schmirko sends him a new deck: A Cyberse Link deck! Agaton looks surprised. He changes his mind and prepares himself to face Ronin.

Agaton collapses after losing to Ronin.

Agaton informs Kara that he will chase Ronin to safe Tamas. Kara tells him to be careful and that she can't lose him, too. After Ronin has beaten Bezes guards, Agaton confronts him on the top of Bezes headquarter, says that he won't let Ronin hurt Tamás and challenges him to a duel. He doesn't know yet that Ronin is actually Lehel. Agaton starts by summoning his new Link monster Decode Talker in his first turn and sets 1 card. Ronin is able to summon Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon and successfully weakens Decode Talker with it, but when he attacks Agaton activates Mirror Force and destroys Ronins monsters. During the duel, Agaton takes the lead and finally he has still 8000 Life Points, while Ronin is about to lose with only 1000 Life Points left. However Ronin manages to destroy Agatons monsters and Summons his old friends Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Five-Headed Dragon. When Agaton mentions that these cards belong to his friend Lehel, Ronin lifts his mask. Agaton is surprised and confused when he looks at Lehels face. Before he could say something else Ronin attacks him directly. Agaton has Sphere Kuriboh in his hand which could block one attack, but he wasn't able to react and loses the duel to Ronin instead. After that he wents unconcious and collapses because he couldn't handle the shock that his opponent is actually his old friend.

RLDS Season 2

Tense conversation with an old friend

Soon after his loss against Ronin, Agaton returned back home. His shock about the fact that Lehel is still alive gets substituted with frust and anger about the goals of his former friend. Not long after Tamás' duel with Ronin, the latter contacts Agaton and advises him to continue the protection of Exodia. Agaton bare listens first and tells him, that he rather chooses a death friend over a living murderer. Ronin answers that he doesn't ask for his forgiveness, but warns him that a guy called Mephisto is hunting for Exodia. He tells Agaton what he has gone through lately. Agaton agrees to guard Exodia as normal, but tells Ronin to leave him and Kara alone in the future. After he says that it is better if Kara never learns what happened to her brother, Agaton cuts the connection.[1]

Kara heard Agaton talking. She comes into the room and asks who he was talking to. Agaton tries to hide Lehels existence by pretending he was just at the phone. Kara realizes that he is lying. She mentions that Agaton has changed lately and offers him her help if he needs it. Agaton just responds that he needs some time. Leaving Kara behind he starts to take a walk to clear his mind.

Agaton about to give Exodia to Phoenix

Later Agaton is standing at the top of a stadium and looks at the Exodia pieces. Suddenly a man in a white coat and white hat appears behind him. Agaton realizes that it is Phoenix. The former Shadow Duelist challenges him to a duel for Exodia. Agaton refuses, but when Phoenix warns him that he would threaten Kara, he accepts the challenge. The battle becomes intense. Phoenix uses some new tricks in his Synchro deck and the tides change from turn to turn. With the time, Agaton gets the upper hand and drives Pheonix into the corner with Topologic Bomber Dragon. However Phoenix puts an ace up his sleeve, sends Agatons ace away and reduces his Life Points to 0. When Agaton wants to pass the Exodia pieces, Phoenix suddely declines and states that he only wanted a rematch to get back his pride. He doesn't want to see Exodia in bad hands. Before he leaves, he suggests Agaton to find Lehel because Mephisto is a problem which can only be solved by both together.

Agaton as hologram while he talks with Schmirko.

After his loss against Phoenix, Agatons confidence sinks a lot. When he is alone, he looks through the Cyberse deck and the Exodia pieces. Then Agaton calls Schmirko on his Duel Disk. He wants to give back the Link Deck together with Exodia because he hasn't won any duel with it anymore, not against Ronin and also Phoenix. However Schmirko convinces Agaton that he got those cards for a reason. And if he uses them correctly, the deck would complete itself just like Agatons bonds to his loved ones complete him. Agaton first struggles, but then accepts and takes back the deck and Exodia with new hope. He thanks Schmirko and notices that the latters look hasn't changed for a long time. Schmirko smiles mysteriously and responds with "As they say, time is relative." before his hologram disappears with a "Farewell, my friend!". Agaton doesn't notice that Kara overheard their conversation.

Soon after this, Agaton is standing on top of a roof while thinking about Schmirkos words. Suddenly a dark person stands behind him again: Baltazar, Agatons former opponent. Mephisto paid his bail and got him out of the prison, so Baltazar accepted his offer to work for him. Now he wants revenge for his defeat years ago. He states that he has kidnapped Kara and proves it to Agaton by throwing her bracelet to the ground. Baltazar challenges Agaton to a rematch for Exodia, which Agaton accepts to get Kara back. As the duel starts, Baltazar activates the virus program from Mephisto. Every time one of them loses Life Points, the person suffers an electric shock. Agaton struggles first, since Baltazar protects his ace monster Mekk-Knight Crusadia Avramax very effective. But then he starts to turn the tides and plays new combos which he has never used before. Right before Baltazar could beat him, Agaton plays Poison of the Old Man to increase his Life Points. This opens him the way to attack with Topologic Bomber Dragon and defeat his opponent. Baltazar suffers a heavy electric shock, but before he could pass out, Agaton forces him to reveal Karas location.

Kara pleases Agaton to bring her brother home.

Later after Agaton has freed Kara, they both arrive back home. During a short discussion, Kara reveals that she overheard Agatons conversation with Schmirko and that she has a hunch about Lehel. Agaton says that she is right and that Lehel is alive. When she asks why he was hiding it, Agaton responds that Lehel isn't the man who he used to be anymore and that he wanted to kill somebody. Kara says that if Agaton still loves her, he shall bring her brother home. Agaton nods.[2]

The final test: Schmirko

Agaton watching suprised, that his dragon is negated.

After a few weeks his revelation about Lehel to Kara, Agaton start his journey, to find Schmirko and learn the the whereabouts of Lehel. The mysterious wanderer tells Agaton, that he has to face Mephisto of his own, because he wont be there for him forever. Then Agaton asks Schmirko, to tell him Lehel's coordinates, but Schmirko refuses to give it just like that. He tells Agaton, that they need to duel first, to see if Agaton is truly capable of dueling with a cold head, focusing on his true goals, instead only focusing on his anger. In a gigantic duel, they both summon their ace monsters: such as Mekklord Emperor Granel, Emes the Infinity and Guardian Angel Joan. On the other side Agaton, uses Firewall Dragon Darkfluid and his former go to monsters, like Topologic Bomber Dragon and Cyberse Quantom Dragon. Eventually they play a draw game, then Agaton tells Schmirko, that he let his anger go, and he finally accepted, that they only can prevail together with Lehel. He also says that they need the Schmirko. When he asks Schmirko why he isn't helping them, Schmirko reveals that he has a more serious problem and shows Agaton the damaged God Cards. The guardian tells him that his priority is to protect the God cards and until he hasn't found out what is happening to them, nothing is safe. Agaton understands Schmirkos position and wishes him good luck with his mission. Then the two say farewell to each other.

Link Wars

During the events of Link Wars, Agaton appears along the army of rebellion led by Zoli who fight together against the Shadow Duelists. He summons Firewall Dragon Darkfluid to attack the Shadow Army.

Facing Mephisto

After returning from the battle against the Shadow Army, Agaton immediately searches for Lehel. When he locates him thanks to the coordinates Schmirko gave him, he realizes that Lehel is about to duel Mephisto. Without both of them knowing it Agaton joins the duel in the Duel Disk system to make this duel become a 2-vs-1 battle and rushes to the place to arrive in time. As he does, Lehel is down on the ground and is about to get beaten by Mephistos final attack. Before this happens, Agaton discards Kuriboh to protect his old friend. Lehel is relieved, Mephisto confused. The latter is not happy about this interference and refuses to let Agaton get into the duel. However Agaton blackmails Mephisto by threatening him to rip all 5 Exodia pieces apart. Since Mephisto doesn't know that Exodia cannot be destroyed that easily, he accepts and the duel continues with Agatons turn. Lehel tells his friend to use his cards, too.

In one masterful turn, Agaton uses the strongest monsters from the Cyberspace like Firewall Dragon Darkfluid & Accesscode Talker to get rid of all monsters Mephisto has on the field. Leaving the latter with no cards left on the field and his hand. But Mephisto turns the tides after drawing Fusion Destiny. Because of Dystopia, both Agaton and Lehel take a lot of damage so that they only have 50 Life Points left. Both are at the end of their strength, but still have the will to continue fighting. Agaton tells Mephisto that in their next turn they will win and asks him to call back his men, surrendering the duel and he will live. Before Mephisto could answer, Ricsi calls to tell them that Justin and him took care of Mephistos men and that Lehel and Agaton shall finish him now. Furious about this change of things, Mephisto ends his turn. Lehel and Agaton attack together with Accesscode, Borrelend & the just summoned Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Mephisto is beaten.

After the duel, Agaton sees that Mephistos last card in his hand was Dynatag. With it, Mephisto could've won the duel, however Agaton realized that he didn't intend to do that at the end. As he understands Mephistos motivation, he opens the gate to the Shadow Realm with the Exodia cards. He offers Mephisto to search there for his family if he thinks they are in the dark dimension. They help the injured former leader of the Meta Mercenaries on his feet and watch while he walks through the gate. He turns around to them one last time with a thankful face, then the gate closes. In this moment, the Exodia pieces in Agatons hand start to burn. The two friends guess that Tamás and his crew won the Link War. Therefore, the connection between the real world and the Shadow Realm is finally closed. Agaton tells Lehel that he participated in the Link War. Lehel is curious about it and as Agaton starts, they go home leaving the burning Exodia cards behind.

After resting at Lehels home, the two friends talk about the future. Agaton tells his friend that his sister wants to see him. Lehel is surprised that Kara knows he is alive. Agaton brings the car and on their way he tells Lehel his journey from all those years, while Lehel tells him all of his own adventures. Both drive to Kara where they happily reunite.

A few days later, Agaton and Kara say Goodbye to Lehel as he leaves Hungary to travel to Paris and live there together with his former girlfriend Nora.

Battle Royal Tournament

One year later, Agaton and Lehel meet in Agatons appartment to watch the World Championship 2021. Both are very happy to see each other again. As they prepare to watch the event on TV, Lehel wonders if Kara is home, but Agaton answers that he told her to arrive one hour later since he knows how much she "likes" the card game.

Since Lehel has lend Tamás his Rokket cards he cheers for him. Agaton wonders if he can beat Bence who is still the current champion. As they see that Alexander is also participating, they are a bit sceptic if he has really changed after his past as Shadow Duelist, but Lehel believes everyone deserves a second chance and it would awesome to have him on their side. After seeing how Tamás defeated Bézé with the Rokket cards in the quarter finals, they are very impressed how well he plays them with his own deck.

For the rest of the tournament, they are commentating and brainstorming together about the duels and the players with their strategies and goals. After Bence beats Tamás in a long intense duel, both cheer and celebrate about his victory.


Opponent Episode Outcome Remaining LP
Lehel 1 Win 2800 (4000)
Baltazar 2 Win 1300 (4000)
Phoenix 3 Win (with Lehel); Eliminated
Nemezis 4 Win 600 (4000)
Lehel 4 Lose

RLDS Season 1

Agatons first seen deck is focused on Beatdown strategies, by summoning powerful monsters with high ATK points. His favorite monsters are Buster Blader and Tyrant Dragon. After he has changed his deck in the second episode he mainly concentrates on Spellcaster monsters and on supporting his Buster Blader. For example with his new ace monster "Buster Blader, the Dragon Destroyer Swordsman" which he summons in almost every duel. With his new strategies he became a very experienced duelist. In the last episode, Agaton has changed his deck two more times. The first time he has added all five pieces of Exodia to his deck for his duel against Nemezis. The second time was for his special duel against his friend Lehel where he used all of his previous tactics together.

Spellcaster Buster Blader Deck

Crossover Movie "Linked Fates"

Opponent Outcome Remaining LP
Ronin Lose

In the movie, Agaton receives a complete deck from Schmirko.[3] It is a Cyberse deck, however it is unknown if he changes the deck by himself and only a few cards are currently known from his deck, for example his new aces, the Link monsters Decode Talker and Topologic Bomber Dragon.[4]

Cyberse Deck

RLDS Season 2

Opponent Episode Outcome Remaining LP
Phoenix 6 Lose
Baltazar 8 Win 200 (8000)
Schmirko 9 DRAW 0 (8000)
Mephisto 10 Win (with Lehel) 50 (8000)

During the whole season, Agaton continues to play the Cyberse Link deck which he has played during the Linked Fates movie. Beside many known cards like Decode Talker and his ace Topologic Bomber Dragon, he also tries new combos & monsters like Cyberse Quantum Dragon and Cyberse Synchron. During the duels, his strategy evolves and becomes more flexible, especially during his duel with Baltazar after Schmirko encourages him not to give up. When he battles against Schmirko, he ironically uses many strategies which Schmirko has used in the episode "The Ultimate Link Monster".

Against the duel with Mephisto, he prepares some final strategies with never used Cyberse cards, including Accesscode Talker.

Cyberse Deck