• 90 cards
  • Introduces the "Zodiac Knights", Warrior-type monsters based on Western astrology. The power and advantage of their effects is based on luck.
  • New monster type, Musician. New support cards for Beast Decks.
  • Additional Lightning Deities and support cards.
  • Cover card is "Time Titan Colossus."
Age of Dark Awakening
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
ADA-EN000 Dormant Fossil Wyvern Secret Rare Effect Monster
ADA-EN001 The Dragon Man Common Effect Monster
ADA-EN002 The Dragon Lady Super Rare Effect Monster
ADA-EN003 Blessed Horology Rare Continuous Trap
ADA-EN004 Poison Samurai Rare Effect Monster
ADA-EN005 Cipher Dragon Common Effect Monster
ADA-EN006 Rising Entropy Common Continuous Spell
ADA-EN007 Zodiac Knight Aries - The Unflinching Bravery Common Effect Monster
ADA-EN008 Zodiac Knight Taurus - The Gifted Resilience Common Effect Monster
ADA-EN009 Zodiac Knight Gemini - The Dual Ambition Common Effect Monster
ADA-EN010 Ancient Astrologer Common Effect Monster
ADA-EN011 Zodiac Knight Cancer - The Blessed Strength Rare Effect Monster
ADA-EN012 Ultimate Gamble Rare Normal Trap
ADA-EN013 Zodiac Knight Virgo - The Endless Charity Common Effect Monster
ADA-EN014 Zodiac Knight Libra - The Unwavering Judgment Super Rare Effect Monster
ADA-EN015 Zodiac Knight Scorpio - The Wicked Cunning Rare Effect Monster
ADA-EN016 Zodiac Knight Sagittarius - The Faultless Intent Common Effect Monster
ADA-EN017 Zodiac Knight Capricorn - The Probing Intellect Common Effect Monster
ADA-EN018 Zodiac Knight Aquarius - The Boundless Spirit Common Effect Monster
ADA-EN019 Zodiac Knight Pisces - The Selfless Creation Rare Effect Monster
ADA-EN020 Zodiac Knight Leo - The Celeste-King Ultra Rare Effect Monster
ADA-EN021 Cosmic Cycle Common Continuous Spell
ADA-EN022 Godlizard Secret Rare Effect Monster
ADA-EN023 Fickle Imp Common Effect Monster
ADA-EN024 The Dreamy Coffin Ultra Rare Continuous Trap
ADA-EN025 Rampaging Herd Common Effect Monster
ADA-EN026 Great Spirit Totem Common Effect Monster
ADA-EN027 Ring of Revival Common Counter Trap
ADA-EN028 Cosmic Tortoise Rare Effect Monster
ADA-EN029 Anti-Monster Unit Common Normal Trap
ADA-EN030 Tattoo of the Dragon Common Normal Spell
ADA-EN031 Assault Metal-Head Common Effect Monster
ADA-EN032 Celestial War-Hounds Major and Minor Common Effect Monster
ADA-EN033 Macrocosmic Clock Super Rare Ritual Spell
ADA-EN034 Time Titan Thanatos Ultra Rare Ritual Monster
ADA-EN035 Time Titan Nebiros Ultra Rare Ritual Monster
ADA-EN036 Time Titan Colossus Secret Rare Ritual Monster
ADA-EN037 Palm Reading Common Normal Spell
ADA-EN038 Goddess with the Six Arms Common Effect Monster
ADA-EN039 Counter Removal Service Common Normal Trap
ADA-EN040 Rakshasa Common Effect Monster
ADA-EN041 Sakuretsu Fist Common Normal Trap
ADA-EN042 Barrier Clam Common Effect Monster
ADA-EN043 Soulsucking Leech Common Effect Monster
ADA-EN044 Mutant Strain Rare Equip Spell
ADA-EN045 Zodiac Steed Serpentarion Common Effect Monster
ADA-EN046 Minesweeping Rare Normal Spell
ADA-EN047 Great White Remora Common Effect Monster
ADA-EN048 Sword of the Wretch Common Equip Spell
ADA-EN049 Scale of Judgment Super Rare Normal Trap
ADA-EN050 Cover Bard Common Effect Monster
ADA-EN051 Counterfeit Common Normal Trap
ADA-EN052 Acoustic Cellist Common Effect Monster
ADA-EN053 Spirit of the Wilder Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
ADA-EN054 Oak-Horn Stag Common Effect Monster
ADA-EN055 Flute of Beast Tamer Common Normal Trap
ADA-EN056 Sea Falcon Rare Effect Monster
ADA-EN057 Cynical Goblin Common Counter Trap
ADA-EN058 Metalworking Silkworm Common Effect Monster
ADA-EN059 Water Purification Common Normal Spell
ADA-EN060 Rusteater Common Effect Monster
ADA-EN061 Hasty Goblin Ultra Rare Effect Monster
ADA-EN062 Species Rehabilitation Common Normal Spell
ADA-EN063 Destiny Realized Common Continuous Trap
ADA-EN064 Fossil Regeneration Common Normal Spell
ADA-EN065 Dormant Fossil T-Rex Rare Effect Monster
ADA-EN066 Dormant Fossil Pterosaur Common Effect Monster
ADA-EN067 Dormant Fossil Raptor Common Effect Monster
ADA-EN068 Hand Sanctuary Common Normal Trap
ADA-EN069 Didgeridoo Summoner Common Effect Monster
ADA-EN070 Ball Lightning Common Effect Monster
ADA-EN071 Inventory Super Rare Normal Spell
ADA-EN072 Lightning Barrier Rare Continuous Spell
ADA-EN073 Lightning Deity - Raijen Super Rare Effect Monster
ADA-EN074 Lightning Deity - Isah Common Effect Monster
ADA-EN075 Lightning Deity - Lei Gong Common Effect Monster
ADA-EN076 Drain Lance Common Equip Spell
ADA-EN077 Ancient Thunder Glyph Rare Normal Trap
ADA-EN078 Last Chance Super Rare Counter Trap
ADA-EN079 Lightning Deity - Sett Super Rare Effect Monster
ADA-EN080 Lightning Deity - Thure Common Effect Monster
ADA-EN081 Card Shield Common Normal Trap
ADA-EN082 Master's Bugle Common Normal Trap
ADA-EN083 Mystic Drum Circle Common Effect Monster
ADA-EN084 Heavenly Muse Common Normal Monster
ADA-EN085 Baby Cerberus Common Effect Monster
ADA-EN086 Magic-Piercing Gatling Gun Common Counter Trap
ADA-EN087 Nitroux Secret Rare Effect Monster
ADA-EN088 Dagger Lizard Common Effect Monster
ADA-EN089 Lightning Deity - Shah Khan the Thunder Lord Secret Rare Fusion Monster
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