The Alkem monsters are an archetype of DARK Psychic and Spellcaster monsters that seem to be themed around chemistry, alchemy, and magic. Many of them are a mix of flesh and cybernetic parts, signifying their attempted to live forever. This archetype is one of six main archetypes in Rocket Knight 777's Duel Terminal World.


The Alkems are a demonic race that appeared in the Duel Terminal World sometime after Sophia, Goddess of Rebirth reset the world. Since then, they have set up labs in each of the areas once inhabited by the previous creatures of the Duel Terminal World. They use their experiments on nature and the elements to try and find ways to make themselves more powerful than they are and live forever, making themselves gods. Because of the what they are doing to disrupt the natural order of things, the earned the attention of the Cherfim, and a new war started.

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