The Alphomega is a character in Yu-Gi-Oh! GSTART, a god who watches over the world. Every Alphomega starts as a mortal human, and is chosen at birth but given no indication as to their status. The Alphomega will realize their destiny at some point in their lives when they perform an act of true self-sacrifice. From then on, the Alphomega will have full support of fate and will ultimately accomplish whatever they set out to do. However, should the Alphomega's will be weakened or corrupted, they will lose the support of fate. When the Alphomega's mortal body, dubbed the Avatar Form, dies, their spirit, dubbed the Ethereal Form, will watch over the world for 200 years until the next Alphomega is born. When a new Alphomega is born, the previous Alphomega can send a copy of their Avatar Form to the world to aid the current Alphomega and help them realize their destiny.

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