Anacondus is an archetype of DARK Reptile-Type monsters. The Poisoned Weapon archetype supports this archetype.

Playing Style

All "Anacondus" monsters have low-ATK stats (2000 or less), but all of them possess the following effect:

"Your opponent takes any battle damage you would take from battles involving this card."
The archetype relies on fast Synchro/Xyz Summons, because all monsters in Main Deck (except Anacondus - Poison Witch) focus on Swarming (rank 4 or level 5 synchro) and search another "Anacondus" cards or "Poisoned Weapon" Equip Spell Cards. Those equips can prevent the equipped monster from being destroyed by battle, supporting in the case you cannot Special Summon monsters from your Extra Deck.

The "Posioned Weapon" Equip Spell Cards also have variety of effects of support, either by reducing the ATK and DEF of equipped monster to returning cards your opponent controls to their hand (or banishing cards from their graveyard), or banishing any cards that returns from the field to their hand (Poisoned Weapon - Axe of the Poisoned Blood). Also, if the equipped monster is used as a Synchro or Xyz Material, all of them can re-equip to that summoned monster, proving support to any Synchro/Xyz monster in your Extra Deck.

The Extra deck monsters focus on protecting any monster in the archetype, either by negating effects that target your "Anacondus" monster, or prevent them from being destroyed by card effects.

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