Ancient Graviton Artifact Exhibition
古代 グラビトン アーティファクト エキシビション
Japan-flag Romaji Kodai Gurabiton Ātifakuto Ekishibishon
Japan-flag Translated Ancient Graviton Artifact Exhibition
Card type Spell Card Spell
Property Splice Splice
You cannot activate this effect unless you control another face-up "Graviton" and/or "Gravity" Spell/Trap Card. Hybrid Summon 1 "Graviton Statue" from the Extra Deck, using this card and 1 non-Xyz "Graviton" monster you control as the Hybrid Materials.
Spell Effect
This card remains face-up after activation. Monsters your opponent controls lose 300 ATK for each face-up "Gravity" card you control.
Sets Haunted Firestorm
Rarity Gold Rare

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