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(Ancient Insect Mayhem is a created booster pack by Nightmare Kitsune. Twenty six cards have been released so far, out of at least Eighty. )

(Ancient Insect Mahyem)
(TCG - English)


0 Ghost Rare

0 Parallel Rare

3 Ultimate Rare

2 Secret Rare

5 Ultra Rare

3 Super Rare

6 Normal Rare

11 Common

Card layout

AIM-EN001 Nightmare Des Centipede - Ultimate Rare

AIM-EN002 Stratogist's Eye - Common

AIM-EN003 Nightmarezilla - Super Rare

AIM-EN004 Levia Dragon-Monarch - Super Rare

AIM-EN005 Earth Ninja - Chia Su - Ultra Rare - Ultimate Rare

AIM-EN006 Dark Ninja - Caro Tenma - Ultra Rare

AIM-EN007 Light Ninja - Ookami Pyrite - Ultra Rare

AIM-EN008 Nightmare Beetle - Common

AIM-EN009 Armed Nightmare Beetle - Normal Rare

AIM-EN010 Curse of Night - Common

AIM-EN011 Exo Dark Keel - Common

AIM-EN012 Exo Dark Edge - Common

AIM-EN013 Exo Dark Horn - Common

AIM-EN014 Ookami the Battle Ninja - Common

AIM-EN015 The Embracer of Darkness - Caro - Secret Rare

AIM-EN016 Yangigon - Common

AIM-EN017 Light Ninja's Eye - Yinogan - Common

AIM-EN018 Twin Dragon Uprising - Normal rare

AIM-EN019 Ninja Weapon Master - Ookami - Secret Rare

AIM-EN020 Honey Collecting Wasp - Normal rare

AIM-EN021 Mugen Death Blade - Normal Rare

AIM-EN022 Mugen Warrior - Zanzu - Common

AIM-EN023 Rebuilding the Catapult - Common

AIM-EN024 Catapult Insect - Super Rare

AIM-EN025 Mugan Warrior - Kantite - Normal Rare

AIM-EN026 Exo Dark Dragon - Ultra Rare - Ultimate Rare

AIM-EN027 Trade Bomb - Normal Rare

AIM-EN028 Nightmare Des Scorpion - Ultra Rare

AIM-EN029 Ant Hole - Normal Rare

Nightmare Kitsune 18:27, 30 March 2008 (UTC)Nightmare Kitsune