"Ancient Mechanical Predator" is an archetype of Dark Machine-Type monsters  that were used by an unknown duelist from the "Fusion Dimension", and their origins were from the "Fusion Dimension", similar to the "Rebellion HERO" monsters. The archetype are almost focus heavily on Fusion Summoning. The main deck "Ancient Mechanical Predator" monsters are based on the mechanical versions of the predators in real life (except "Ancient Mechanical Predator Spindle Trooper", which is based on a possible future animal), while most of the Extra Deck "Ancient Mechanical Predator" are based on myth, hybrid, or fiction animals. The archetype also has three "Fusion Numbers", two of which is knowned so far.

Playing style

Most "Ancient Mechanical Predator" monsters has not only supports each other for their effects, some of them are also anti-Special Summon monsters as well. Because "Ancient Mechanical Predator" decks focus heavily on Fusion Summoning, cards that support Fusion Monsters supported them well. The archetype also relied on a combination of brutal force, and effects to overwhelm their opponents. Because most of the "Ancient Mechanical Predator" Fusion Monsters cannot be targeted by the effects of your opponent's Machine-Type monsters, not only did it make the Obelisk Force's "Ancient Gear Double Bite Hound Dog" useless against them, but they can also prevent most "Meklord King" from absorbing them. Because all of them are Machine-Type monsters, cards such as "7 Completed", and Power Bond worked well in this deck. Because all of the "Ancient Mechanical Predator" Fusion Monsters are Dark Machine-Type monsters, "Overload Fusion" Worked well in this deck. 


  • They are the enemies of the "Ancient Gear" monsters, and "Meklord King" monsters, due to most of the "Ancient Mechanical Predator" Fusion Monster cannot be targeted by the opponent's Machine-Type monsters.
  • To further support that "Ancient Gear" monsters are the enemies of the archetype, "Ancient Mechanical Predator Eagle's" effect can destroy Earth monsters, as all "Ancient Gear" monsters are Earth monsters.
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