Name Angus
Age 14 (debut)
Gender Male
Relatives Unknown
Deck Baptized By Fire
Appearances Unnamed future Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V fanfiction

Angus (last name unknown) is a character in a future ARC-V fanfiction.  He is one of the potentially multiple new students to join You Show Duel School after the advent of Pendulum Summon.


Angus has slightly pale skin, green eyes, and chin-length blonde hair that is neatly groomed to about chin length with the exception of a magenta cowlick, one eye covered by black bangs. His typical outfit is a brown polo with the collar popped up, standard jeans, and black tennis shoes, and he usually wears a gold ring with a green gem on his right hand.


While not the most bombastic person, Angus has a flair for the dramatic as a result of being a fan of Yusho Sakaki, usually trying more to make himself seem casual and "cool", with mixed results. He shows an appreciation for the classics and doesn't like seeing people constantly chase the latest trends despite there being a lot of old material to explore, but this combined with his dramatic flair can make him come off as a hipster. Fittingly, implying anything old is trash just because it's old is the quickest way to set him off.


Coming soon...



Angus plays a "Baptized by Fire" Deck, a Deck primarily made of Pendulum retrains of old Normal Monsters. The vast majority of his monsters are also Gemini monsters, allowing him to combo Pendulum Summon into on-field Normal Summon to gain effects easier, as well as easily perform Xyz Summons.

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