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Apocalyptic Battle
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
APBA-EN001 Invader of Redemption Common Normal Monster
APBA-EN002 The Sleeping Giant's Servant Common Effect Monster
APBA-EN003 Cyber-Gear Wyrm Dragon Common Effect Pendulum Monster
APBA-EN004 Cyber-Mechanic Wyrm Dragon Common Effect Pendulum Monster
APBA-EN005 Traitor of the Wyrms Rare Effect Tuner Monster
APBA-EN006 Traitor of the Dragons Rare Effect Tuner Monster
APBA-EN007 Eyes Restrict Nightmare Sphere Common Effect Pendulum Monster
APBA-EN008 Eyes Restrict Horror Sphere Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
APBA-EN009 Holy Trap Eater Normal Rare Effect Tuner Monster
APBA-EN010 Celestial Punisher Parshath Rare Effect Monster
APBA-EN011 Celestial Punisher Zera Common Effect Monster
APBA-EN012 Celestial Punisher Green King Common Effect Monster
APBA-EN013 Celestial Punisher Axwielder Common Effect Monster
APBA-EN014 Celestial Punisher Mystical Elf Common Effect Monster
APBA-EN015 Celestial Punisher Prisman Common Effect Monster
APBA-EN016 Sealed Fiend - The Hurricane Common Effect Monster
APBA-EN017 Sealed Fiend Eye Common Effect Tuner Monster
APBA-EN018 Archfiend Parrot, the Cookie Hunter Rare Effect Tuner Monster
APBA-EN019 The Rejected Ojama Common Effect Monster
APBA-EN020 Ghostrick Headless Mule Common Effect Monster
APBA-EN021 Ghostrick Baby Mischief Common Effect Monster
APBA-EN022 Yamata Mother Common Effect Monster
APBA-EN023 Baby Raccoon Bunga-Bunga Common Effect Monster
APBA-EN024 Windwitch - Snowflake Bell Common Effect Tuner Monster
APBA-EN025 The Heptagram - Redgirl Rider Common Effect Monster
APBA-EN026 The Heptagram - Whitegirl Rider Common Effect Monster
APBA-EN027 Vendread Follower Common Effect Monster
APBA-EN028 Lyrilusc - Diamond Stitchbird Common Effect Monster
APBA-EN029 Lyrilusc - Esmerald Bowerbird Common Effect Monster
APBA-EN030 Five Elemental - DARK Normal Rare Effect Monster
APBA-EN031 Five Elemental - FIRE Common Effect Monster
APBA-EN032 Five Elemental - EARTH Common Effect Monster
APBA-EN033 Five Elemental - WIND Common Effect Monster
APBA-EN034 Five Elemental - WATER Common Effect Monster
APBA-EN035 Gishki Undersea Serpent Common Effect Monster
APBA-EN036 Worm Nebula Dragon Common Effect Monster
APBA-EN037 Worm Nebula Zero Common Effect Monster
APBA-EN038 The Undead Shadow Rare Effect Monster
APBA-EN039 Hazy Flame Phoenix Spirit Common Effect Monster
APBA-EN040 Umbral Horror Skeleton Common Effect Monster
APBA-EN041 Celestial Punisher Golden Parshath Rare Effect Fusion Monster
APBA-EN042 The Heptagram - Redceberus Rider Common Effect Fusion Monster
APBA-EN043 The Heptagram - Whitecerberus Rider Common Effect Fusion Monster
APBA-EN044 The Heptagram - Mastercerberus Rider Common Effect Fusion Monster
APBA-EN045 D.D. Necrobomb Ultra Rare Effect Fusion Monster
APBA-EN046 The Heptagram - Underworld Cerberus Common Effect Link Monster
APBA-EN047 The Ragnaking Common Effect Link Monster
APBA-EN048 Umbral Horror Nightmare Eye Common Effect Link Monster
APBA-EN049 Forbidden Spellcaster Common Effect Link Monster
APBA-EN050 Red-Eyes Tormentor Dragon Secret Rare Effect Synchro Monster
APBA-EN051 Big Jerry, the Giant Beans Man Common Effect Synchro Monster
APBA-EN052 The Legendary Panther Warrior Ultra Rare Effect Xyz Monster
APBA-EN053 The Infinite Sky Sanctuary Common Field Spell Card
APBA-EN054 Sacrifice of the Forbidden One Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
APBA-EN055 Celestial Punisher Divine Tables Common Normal Spell Card
APBA-EN056 Celestial Punisher Blessing Doors Common Normal Spell Card
APBA-EN057 Celestial Punisher Havoc Sphere Common Equip Spell Card
APBA-EN058 The Heptagram Underworld Common Field Spell Card
APBA-EN059 Despair from the Dark Spirit Common Normal Spell Card
APBA-EN060 Catalyst Portal Common Continuous Spell Card
APBA-EN061 Shinobird's Blessing Common Normal Spell Card
APBA-EN062 Doriado's Heaven Normal Rare Field Spell Card
APBA-EN063 Ghostrick Jack-o'-Boo Common Normal Spell Card
APBA-EN064 Yosenju Wind Castle Rare Field Spell Card
APBA-EN065 Ancient Gear Mechanical Armor Common Quick-Play Spell Card
APBA-EN066 Genex Controller Factory Common Field Spell Card
APBA-EN067 Sealed Fiend - Elemental Control Rare Equip Spell Card
APBA-EN068 The Divine Power Common Counter Trap Card
APBA-EN069 The Heptagram Simbol Rare Normal Trap Card
APBA-EN070 The Heptagram Energy Common Normal Trap Card
APBA-EN071 The Heptagram Spirit Common Normal Trap Card
APBA-EN072 Five Elemental Combination Rare Normal Trap Card
APBA-EN073 Malefic Conversion Common Normal Trap Card
APBA-EN074 Redemption of the Dark Fiend Common Normal Trap Card
APBA-EN075 Royal Last Order! Common Counter Trap Card
APBA-EN076 Ghostrick Reaper's Choice Common Normal Trap Card
APBA-EN077 Yosenju Castle Doors Common Normal Trap Card
APBA-EN078 Doomfire Accelerator Common Continuous Trap Card
APBA-EN079 Hieratic Sealed Ritual Rare Normal Trap Card
APBA-EN080 Sealed Fiend's Egg Common Continuous Trap Card