The Apolith is an archetype of Level 3 EARTH monsters created by LHK. It is an archetype that focuses on quickly Synchro and Contact Fusion Summoning. They represent bionic versions of fossils, most commonly Dinosaur fossils.

Play Style

The Apoliths are focused on Contact Fusion and Synchro Summoning. Thus, they need some monsters that can help you perform the Synchro part of the Deck. The Tuners, which are non-Dinosaur fossils, are most probably Rock-Type and Winged Beast-Type, and they are the combo creators of the Deck. They allow you to Synchro Summon quite fast at times, while they allow you to Synchro Summon with weird ways (e.g. Synchro Summoning using Synchro Materials from the hand, Synchro Summoning on your opponent's turn). The Dinosaur-Types, though, rely on two things. They are the non-Tuners used for the Synchro Summon portion of the Deck, while they serve as powerhouses for the Contact Fusion part of the Deck, with some of them having effects that enhance the Fusion or Synchro that was Summoned using this card. They help you Xyz Summon Rank 3 Xyz Monsters, if you desire some Xyz action in the Deck.


  • The Apolith monsters are named after a corruption of a fossil of a mythological beast or dinosaur.
Monster Creature Type
Diprre Diplodocus Dinosaur
Verrociro Velociraptor Dinosaur
Trikerro Triceratops Dinosaur
Bronnte Brontosaurus (Apatosaurus) Dinosaur
Brakcho Brachiosaurus Dinosaur
Stekho Stegosaurus Dinosaur
Garrimm Gallimimus Dinosaur
Arkaeoh Archaeopteryx Dinosaur
Ikuanno Iguanodon Dinosaur
Pakys Pachycephalosaurus Dinosaur
Sfinne Spinosaurus Dinosaur
Protekerato Protoceratops Dinosaur
Ankyro Ankylosaurus Dinosaur
Glypin Griffin Winged Beast
Phynik Phoenix Winged Beast
Unykohn Unicorn Winged Beast
Minotorre Minotaur Beast-Warrior
Kykropp Cyclops Beast-Warrior
Golgoa Gorgon Sea Serpent
Tylanne Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur
Gegas Giant (Gigas) Fiend
  • Apolith comes from the Greek word "Απολίθωμα", which is the Greek translation to the English word "fossil", hence the fossil appearance.
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