Aquarift is an archetype that consists of mostly WATER monsters (with the exception of Phantom division which has LIGHT and DARK monsters.) The Magus division focuses on Synchro Summoning into higher Level monsters and it depends greatly on Aqua-Type monsters, whereas the Phantom division focuses on Xyz Summoning and its main types are Fiend and Psychic. (This archetype is currently ongoing.)

Playing Style

Starting with the Magus division. As said above, Magus division depends on Aqua-Type monsters. Cards that support them include "Dimension of the Aquarift" (As it helps some of them to easily activate their effects that require banishing of Aqua-Type monster.) with the help of "Blessing of the Rift". With these cards, they can quickly level up. The main goal in this division is to Summon "Aquarift Magus Overlord". Its effect itself is devastating when combined with good protection from Spell or Trap Cards .

Phantom division's playstyle is currently unknown.

If "Aquarift Magus Overlord" has fallen and "Aquarift Phantasm" happens to activate its self-destruct effect, activate "Dawn of the Rift " to Summon "Phantomrift Overlord", that is currently the most powerful in this archetype. With this card, you can probably turn the tide of the battle.

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