Aquatic Sanctuary, my first booster set. Originally meant to be a Water set, though admittedly my ideas began to drift more towards my other next set (Chromatic Genesis. Once again, many thanks to User:Oooxp for all his contributions. Leave any comments/criticisms/suggestions etc on the discussion page or at the Aqutic Sanctuary forum in the watercooler.

Enjoy the set!

Aquatic Sanctuary
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
AQS-001 Slumbering Leviathan Ultra Rare Effect Monster
AQS-002 Mad Harpooner Common Effect Monster
AQS-003 Gulper Eel Common Effect Monster
AQS-004 Explosive Minion Common Effect Monster
AQS-005 Titan Archelon Common Effect Monster
AQS-006 Little Sister Rare Effect Monster
AQS-007 Big Daddy Common Effect Monster
AQS-008 Vaporheart Weirdling Common Effect Monster
AQS-009 Mystic Weirdling Common Effect Monster
AQS-010 Weirdling Clogging Common Trap Card
AQS-011 Weirdling Groundshaker Common Effect Monster
AQS-012 Pacifying Weirdling Rare Effect Monster
AQS-013 Brainpicker Weirdling Common Effect Monster
AQS-014 Alchemic Reaction Common Spell Card
AQS-015 Firstborn Weirdling Common Effect Monster
AQS-016 Phagocytosis Rare Spell Card
AQS-017 Cursed Tomb Super Rare Continuous Spell Card
AQS-018 Weirdling Mold Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
AQS-019 Combatant Dragon Rare Effect Monster
AQS-020 Makara the Bottom Dweller Super Rare Effect Monster
AQS-021 Centaur Martyr Common Effect Monster
AQS-022 Rust Joints Common Trap Card
AQS-023 Kappa Shifter Common Effect Monster
AQS-024 Dark World Scorpion Common Normal Monster
AQS-025 Cavalry Infiltrator Common Effect Monster
AQS-026 Serpent Tooth Wall Rare Effect Monster
AQS-027 Summon the Protector Common Trap Card
AQS-028 Gatherer's Tool Common Equip Card
AQS-030 Bonding Weirdling Common Effect Monster
AQS-030 Primordial Ooze Common Field Spell Card
AQS-031 Beast Whisperer Common Effect Monster
AQS-032 Crystal Beast Zirconium Chicken Common Effect Monster
AQS-033 Tome of Infernal Knowledge Ultra Rare Continuous Spell Card
AQS-034 Guardian Weirdling Rare Fusion Monster
AQS-035 Muka Muka Carapace Common Equip Spell Card
AQS-036 Defile Ore Common Virus Card
AQS-037 Flight of Fowls Rare Trap Card
AQS-038 Ember Shaman Super Rare Effect Monster
AQS-039 Archseraph Joan, the Protector Ultra Rare Effect Monster
AQS-040 Power Igniter Common Effect Monster
AQS-041 Terror of the Sea Super Rare Effect Monster
AQS-042 Steam Jet Super Rare Spell Card
AQS-043 Baited Net Rare Spell Card
AQS-044 Wrath of the Volcano God Ultra Rare Effect Monster
AQS-045 Weirdling in a Shell Common Fusion Monster
AQS-046 Concealed Operative Rare Effect Monster
AQS-047 Gravatonic Bomb Ultra Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
AQS-048 Water Shield Common Trap Card
AQS-049 Change of Tides Rare Trap Card
AQS-050 Weirdling Adaptation Common Trap Card
AQS-051 Cursed Sword Super Rare Continuous Trap Card
AQS-052 Combat Strain Common Continuous Trap Card
AQS-053 Pitz-Blahk, Lord Protector of Dark World Ultra Rare Effect Monster
AQS-054 Water Bubble Common Effect Monster
AQS-055 Shifting of the Water Rare Spell Card
AQS-056 Hidden Under Water Common Trap Card
AQS-057 Provoked Swordfish Common Effect Monster
AQS-058 Rescue at Sea Rare Trap Card
AQS-059 Underwater Spell Searcher Rare Effect Monster
AQS-060 The Aquatic Protector Common Normal Monster
AQS-061 Eria, the Matriach of the Seas Ultra Rare Effect Monster
AQS-062 Gogiga Gagagigoros, Guardian of Eria Common Normal Monster
AQS-063 Triton, Lord of Serpents Secret Rare Effect Monster
AQS-064 Poseidon, Divine King of the Seas Secret Rare Effect Monster
AQS-065 Entangling Algae Common Effect Monster
AQS-066 Underwater Retreat and Resupplier Rare Effect Tuner Monster
AQS-067 Blended Sword Fighter-The Striker Common Effect Monster
AQS-068 Daedalus's Invocator Common Effect Monster
AQS-069 Barricade Protector Common Effect Monster
AQS-070 Water Gate - The World Ocean Common Field Spell Card
AQS-071 Amphibious Bugroth MK-4 Super Rare Effect Monster
AQS-072 Synchling - The Converter Super Rare Synchro Monster
AQS-073 Attribute Exclusion Rare Quickplay Spell Card
AQS-074 Weirdling Infection Common Continuous Trap Card
AQS-075 Poison Jellyfish Common Effect Monster
AQS-076 Relentless Cascade Common Quickplay Spell Card
AQS-077 Thief of the Swamps Common Effect Monster
AQS-078 Return of the Ocean Super Rare Spell Card
AQS-079 Broken Mirror from the Sand Super Rare Effect Monster
AQS-080 Liquid Creature- Ihapos Common Effect Monster
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