Archshade is an archetype of FIRE Psychic monsters, and the final entry in a trilogy of archetypes released by user JrH154. The archetype focuses primarily on creating a solid defence by Summoning monsters in response to destruction.  Beyond this, other important elements of the archetype include supporting Gemini Monsters and summoning powerful Fusion Monsters via Contact Fusion. "Archshade" is supported by Spells/Traps of the same name


Like its brethren archetypes "Archknights" and "Archira", the Archshade monsters have Latin names.

'Archshade' Monsters
Member Latin Translation
Archshade Amicitia Friendship
Archshade Carcer Prison
Archshade Fratres Brotherhood
Archshade Genitor Ancestor
Archshade Iter Journey
Archshade Lucrum Wealth
Archshade Mors Death
Archshade Nati Children
Archshade Regnum Kingdom
Archshade Uxor Spouse
Archshade Valetudo Health
Archshade Vita Life

Playing Style

The archetype's Main Deck monsters focus broadly on three key effects:  Searching for specific cards, Summoning monsters, and Recycling previously used cards.  These Main Deck monsters are split between two categories:

  • Gemini Monsters, which have many powerful effects that are used primarily to initiate combos.
  • Non-Gemini Monsters, which focus on creating a defensive wall by reacting to destruction.

Gemini Monsters

Among the Gemini Monsters, "Vita" and "Lucrum" Summon other Gemini Monsters (from the Deck, and the Graveyard respectively); "Fratres" and "Genitor" focus on destroying cards on the field (monsters, and Spells/Traps respectively); "Regnum" searches for other Gemini Monsters; "Amicitia" can potentially destroy a great number of Spells/Traps on the field; "Carcer" protects Gemini Monsters that you control.

Non-Gemini Monsters

Among the non-Gemini Monsters, "Nati" is the heart of the engine, and can Special Summon any of the archetype's non-Gemini Monsters from the Graveyard, with the condition that it is destroyed during the End Phase; "Valetudo" and "Uxor" are similar, and Summon specific monsters from the Deck when destroyed (non-Gemini Monsters, and Gemini Monsters respectively); "Mors" and "Iter" are also similar, and both feature two effects - Mors will search for any 'Archshade' card during the End Phase of the turn it was sent to the Graveyard, and can be banished from the Graveyard to give a Gemini Monster its effects (without the need to Normal Summon it twice).  Iter will Special Summon Psychic-Type Tuner monsters with low ATK when sent to the Graveyard, and can be banished from the Graveyard to let you additional Normal Summon 1 Gemini Monster.

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