Armedo is an Archetype of Rock-Type monsters of multiple Attributes (though largely EARTH and FIRE) created by Taylor Gorrell. Visually, Armedo monsters resemble anthropomorphic armadillos with parts of their bodies, including all of their shells, made out of rock, the rock parts of their bodies differing between each monster.

The term "Armedo" comes from the Dillon's Rolling Western video game series, appearing to have significance with the main protagonist, Dillon. The monsters themselves take their armadillo forms from Dillon himself, but their rocky appearance and individual abilities derive from the main enemies of the series, the Grocks.

Play Style

Armedos attempt to strike a balance between Attack Position and Defense Position, as all Armedos possess equal ATK and DEF and are able to attack while in Defense Position. The balance comes from each Armedo having two different effects that can activate depending on which battle position they are in when they attack. To make the most of this, their support cards enable easy battle position changing, and their Pendulum Monsters allow an arsenal of Armedos to appear in whatever position they need.

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