The Armored Rides are a series of Machine-Type monsters that resemble mechanical walkers or battle vehicles. These monsters are based off of the Ride Armor vehicles from the popular Mega Man X video game series (name changed and no images used to prevent copyright infringement). They are a Beatdown-oriented Archetype, but they are very Equip Card-reliant, similar to the Vylons.

Play Style

Most Armored Ride monsters are Level 4 (all others are higher) with manageable DEF, but their ATK scores are quite high, the lowest among them being 2000. However, if they are not equipped with an Equip Card, their ATK is reduced to 0, leaving them helpless. Also, they cannot lose or gain ATK via Equip Cards, so cards such as Mage Power lose most, if not all, of their effectiveness. They also have no other effects, leaving them reliant on Equip Card effects to become powerful. However, each Armored Ride has its own Equip Spell, which powers them up greatly when they are equipped to them. The general strategy among Armored Rides is using Equip Cards with powerful effects rather than power boosts, and using them to power up the already-powerful monsters.

Armored Ride

Monster Cards

Armored Ride - Walking Tank - Armored Ride - Jet Rover - Armored Ride - Aqua Hopper - Armored Ride - Battle Basher - Armored Ride - Action Blader - Armored Ride - Pressure Beater - Armored Ride - Bullet Stormer - Armored Ride - Arachna-Buster - Armored Ride - Cityscape Flier - Armored Ride - Frigid Crosser - Armored Ride - Plasmega

Spell Cards

Armored Tank Cover - Armored Jet Cannon - Armored Aqua Missile - Armored Battle Fists - Armored Blade Front - Armored Pressure Blade - Armored Storm Vulcan - Armored Arachna-Drill - Armored Air Rocket - Armored Ski Blades - Armored Plasma Cannon - Equipment At The Ready! - Armored Arsenal

Trap Cards

Thick Armor - Emergency Deployment

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