Asano Nagimasa by Jadenkaiba

Asano Nagimasa is one of the Duelist participating in the tournament, Yu-Gi-Oh! DQ. She is the 30th generation daughter of Azai Nagamasa and Oichi. She is a justice loving Duelist who fights evil and acts like some sort of Super Hero. Her Duel Couple Partner is Thomas Zero.

Character Information
Name Asano nagimasa
Kanji 浅野 ナギマサ
Age 18
Appears In Yugioh DQ Manga
Gender Female

Character Design

Her character design is a cross between Oichi of Sengoku Basara and Uzume of Sekirei, she has her Azai Family Crest in her chest, Her Duel disk is somewhat related to a blade sword (like Cloud in Final Fantasy VII).

Character Biography

Not yet Confirmed


She is a super-energetic duelist who likes justice and loves to duel. She shares the same enjoyment as Yumi Fuuko.



Opponent Outcome
Yumi Fuuko Lose

Asano Nagimasa plays a "Sengoku Warlords" Deck , consisting of ancient Japanese historical characters from the Sengoku Era. There are few unreleased cards yet to be revealed soon in this set.

Sengoku Warlords
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