Auroral (極光の(オーロラル) Ōroraru, the kanji literally translating to "Of Polar Light") is one of Taylor Gorrell and YRPOtaku169's six Duel Terminal Archetypes. The are a series of LIGHT monsters with varying types (such as Fairy, Fish, and Dragon) based on Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis (the Northern Lights and Southern Lights, respectively). All monsters in this series incorporate light blue, pink, and yellow in their design, like the colors of the two Auroras. In the DT storyline, they fight for control of day and night against the Hemovores, intent on keeping the day/night cycle in its proper order.

Play Style

Aurorals use intense Draw Power to gain at least six cards in the user's hand in order to use effects. To prevent other Archetypes from abusing the intense Draw Power of this Archetype, restrictions are placed on their drawing effects so that only the Aurorals can use them effectively. Other effects involve increasing your Hand Size Limit. These effects also aid in the Fusion Summon of their Fusion Monsters due to getting many Materials in the hand.


Despite the massive Draw Power of the Aurorals, it comes with a few drawbacks. One, since you'll be drawing rapidly, your risk of Decking Out greatly increases. Two, even with the amount of cards you draw, you will have to budget how many cards you play from your hand at one time so your draw effects will be able to refill your hand enough. Three, without certain effects, the draw power will overflow your hand, forcing you to discard many of your cards at the end of your turn.

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