Awakening of the Ancient Deity
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
AOTAD-EN000 Chronos the Ancient God of Time and Space Ultimate Rare Synchro/Effect Monster
AOTAD-EN001 Palace of Time and Space Ultimate Rare Field Spell
AOTAD-EN002 Diabolos the Messenger of Darkness Secret Rare Fusion/Effect Monster
AOTAD-EN003 Ryuu the Ancient Keyblade Master Common Synchro/Effect Monster
AOTAD-EN004 UFO Dragon - Lunaverse Ultra Rare Fusion/Effect Monster
AOTAD-EN005 Slime Knight Common Normal Monster
AOTAD-EN006 Slime Spearman Rare Effect Monster
AOTAD-EN007 Slime Lord Super Rare Effect Monster
AOTAD-EN008 Slime Queen Ultra Rare Effect Monster
AOTAD-EN009 Slime Footsoldier Common Effect Monster
AOTAD-EN010 Dark Sorcerer Ultra Rare Synchro/Effect Monster
AOTAD-EN011 Twin Blade Swordsman Common Effect Monster
AOTAD-EN012 Total Assault Lady Ultra Rare Fusion/Effect Monster
AOTAD-EN013 Zombyro the Bio Dragon Ultra Rare Effect Monster
AOTAD-EN014 Phorusrhacid Common Normal Monster
AOTAD-EN015 Legendary God Warrior - Datara Ultra Rare Ritual/Effect Monster
AOTAD-EN016 Neo-Spacian Divine Dragon Rare Effect Monster
AOTAD-EN017 Elemental Hero Divine Neos Super Rare Fusion/Effect Monster
AOTAD-EN018 Michael the Legendary Scientist of the Future Super Rare Synchro/Effect Monster
AOTAD-EN019 Millenium Anubis Ultra Rare Normal Monster
AOTAD-EN020 Neo Phoenix Super Rare Effect Monster
AOTAD-EN021 Neo Tiger Super Rare Effect Monster
AOTAD-EN022 Neo Dragon Super Rare Effect Monster
AOTAD-EN023 Neo Turtle Super Rare Effect Monster
AOTAD-EN024 Chaos Blade Rare Fusion Monster
AOTAD-EN025 Shogekiha Common Quick-Play Spell
AOTAD-EN026 Aqua Kingdom Super Rare Field Spell
AOTAD-EN027 Neo Elimination Chamber Super Rare Field Spell
AOTAD-EN028 Dark Magician's Kids Common Quick-Play Spell
AOTAD-EN029 Battle Absorbing Blade Common Equip Spell
AOTAD-EN030 Treasure from the Abyss Rare Normal Spell
AOTAD-EN031 Blessings of the Ancient Ones Super Rare Ritual Spell
AOTAD-EN032 Swift Destrution Super Rare Counter Trap
AOTAD-EN033 Black Moon's Trickary Rare Continuous Trap
AOTAD-EN034 Hourglass of Destiny Rare Counter Trap
AOTAD-EN035 Slime Barrage Common Normal Trap
AOTAD-EN036 Death Bed Super Rare Normal Trap
AOTAD-EN037 Escape from Makai Common Counter Trap
AOTAD-EN038 Ultimate Genocide Secret Rare Normal Trap
AOTAD-EN039 Slime Kunai with Chain Super Rare Normal Trap
AOTAD-EN040 Neo Bazooka Super Rare Normal Trap
AOTAD-EN041 Sacrifice One Soul for the Kingdom! Common Counter Trap
AOTAD-EN042 Weapon Morphing Slime Common Normal Trap
AOTAD-EN043 Sudden Wildfire Rare Normal Trap
AOTAD-EN044 Neo Battle Aura Common Normal Trap
AOTAD-EN045 Cursed Water Potion Secret Rare Normal Spell
AOTAD-EN046 Blue-Eyes Phantom Dragon Secret Rare Effect Monster
AOTAD-EN047 Life-Absorbing Fiend Warrior Secret Rare Fusion/Effect Monster
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