Bagua is an Archetype of EARTH, FIRE, WATER, and WIND monsters created by Taylor Gorrell. The standard monsters, the "Tri-Baguas", are based around the Bagua, or Eight Trigrams, used in Taoist cosmology, having appearances similar to the animal their Trigrams represent, and the Fusion Monsters, the "Hexa-Baguas", are based on the 64 Hexagrams that the Trigrams can be arranged into as shown in the I Ching Chinese text. All Baguas have a numerical code in their names: Tri-Baguas have their Trigrams' respective three-digit binary code, while Hexa-Baguas have either a two-digit code or a four-digit code matching the Hexagram(s) they represent.

Trigram Meanings

The Trigram(s) that each Bagua represents determines key elements of their appearance and stats. Hexa-Baguas representing a single Hexagram are evolved forms of their corresponding Tri-Baguas, while Hexa-Baguas representing two Hexagrams have almost half-and-half appearances.

Trigram Image Attribute Animal Type
Heaven, Sky WIND Horse Beast
Lake WATER Sheep, Goat Beast
Fire FIRE Pheasant Winged Beast
Wind WIND Fowl Winged Beast
Thunder FIRE Dragon Dragon
Water WATER Pig Beast
Mountain EARTH Wolf, Dog Beast
Earth EARTH Cow Beast

Play Style

The Baguas are similar to the Elemental HEROes, playing a game involving fast and easy Fusion Summoning, as all "Hexa-Bagua" Fusion Monsters are able to be Fusion Summoned through Contact Fusion and Transformation Summon in addition to standard Fusion Summon. However, a major facet of the Baguas is how picky they are with their Fusion Materials: Not only are they unable to use Fusion Substitute Monsters, but their Materials are always listed as "1 monster whose original name is *insert first monster* + 1 monster whose original name is *insert second monster*", meaning you have no choice but to use the exact cards listed to perform the Fusion Summon.

Hexa-Bagua Fusion Monsters with a four-digit code in their name, and thus represent two different Hexagrams (the inversions of the two Trigrams fused), have two separate effects, and when they are Special Summoned, the player chooses one of them and makes it the active effect. Due to this unique quality, some of the support cards allow the active effect to be switched, increasing the Fusions' versatility. Hexa-Baguas with a two-digit code do not have this quality, only possessing a single effect due to only representing one Hexagram. Hexa-Baguas with two-digit codes are Level 6, while Hexa-Baguas with a four-digit code are Level 8, so support cards that switch the active effect always target a Hexa-Bagua "whose original Level is 8", which also prevents your opponent from keeping the switches from happening by changing your monsters' Levels.

Due to interchanging Trigrams, images, and animal bases, several of the Hexa-Baguas have multiple Attributes and multiple Types.

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