The Barian HERO archetype (V-HERO(バリアンヒーロー), "Barian Hīrō", spelled "Varian HERO" in Japanese) are an archetype of mostly Level 4 monsters focusing on supporting "Chaos Number", "CXyz", and "Rank-Up-Magic" cards. They resemble abstract monstrosities from another dimension, as well as have attributes based on angels from Judeo-Christian and Islamic mythology and the Angels from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion.


The main Barian HEROs each have two effects. The first either revolves around retrieving a "Rank-Up-Magic" card from the Deck or Graveyard to the hand or revealing a "Rank-Up-Magic" card in the hand as a cost to activate an effect. The second involves giving additional effects to a "CXyz" or "Number C" monster that uses the "Barian HERO" as an Xyz Material. Their main tactic is to swarm and provide Xyz Material for Xyz Monsters, then Rank them Up into CXyzs, which then gain additional effects. Due to their Level, they work very well in current Rank-Up Decks that support Ranked-Up Xyz Monsters. However, there are also a series of "Zexal Weapon Barian HEROs", which are similar to the mainstream Barian HEROs by having secondary effects involving "Rank-Up-Magics". The five "Barian HERO" Xyz Monsters consists of several CXyzs, which can be Ranked Up from different sources, and several over-hundred Number and Chaos Numbers that take advantage of the opponent's Xyz Monsters.

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