Contains the Batteryman Archetype cards. This 40 card structure deck contains 7 new cards, such as Batteryman Voltic, Battery Controller and Batteryman XX.

Battery Power
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
SDBP-EN001 Batteryman Industrial Strength Common Effect Monster
SDBP-EN002 Atomic Batteryman Common Effect Monster
SDBP-EN003 Batteryman Dry Cell Super Rare Effect Monster
SDBP-EN004 Batteryman Fuel Cell Common Effect Monster
SDBP-EN005 Batteryman Charger Common Effect Monster
SDBP-EN006 Batteryman Wet Cell Super Rare Effect Monster
SDBP-EN007 Rechargeable Batteryman Common Effect Monster
SDBP-EN008 Honest Common Effect Monster
SDBP-EN009 Batteryman AAA x3 Common Effect Monster
SDBP-EN010 Batteryman AA x3 Common Effect Monster
SDBP-EN011 Batteryman XX x3 Common Effect Monster
SDBP-EN012 Batteryman Micro-Cell x2 Common Effect Monster
SDBP-EN013 Batteryman Dead Cell Common Effect Monster
SDBP-EN014 Battery Controller Common Quick-Play Spell
SDBP-EN015 Battery Charger x2 Common Normal Spell
SDBP-EN016 Battery Disposal Common Normal Spell
SDBP-EN017 Battery Pack Common Normal Spell
SDBP-EN018 Battery Pair Common Normal Spell
SDBP-EN019 Dark Hole Common Normal Spell
SDBP-EN020 Heavy Storm Common Normal Spell
SDBP-EN021 Monster Reborn Common Normal Spell
SDBP-EN022 Mystical Space Typhoon x2 Common Quick-Play Spell
SDBP-EN023 Quick Charger Common Quick-Play Spell
SDBP-EN024 Short Circuit Common Normal Spell
SDBP-EN025 Battery Drain Common Counter Trap
SDBP-EN026 Bottomless Trap Hole x2 Common Normal Trap
SDBP-EN027 Circuitry Common Normal Trap
SDBP-EN028 Mirror Force Common Normal Trap
SDBP-EN029 Portable Battery Pack Common Continuous Trap
SDBP-EN030 Torrential Tribute Common Normal Trap
SDBP-EN031 Batteryman Voltic Ultra Rare Xyz Monster