The Beaconflies are a series of LIGHT Insect-Type monsters based on fireflies. All of them can be Special Summoned in the Spell and Trap Card Zones. Their effects are geared towards rapidly Special Summoning other LIGHT Insect-Type monsters from your Deck, more so than any other Archetypes. Each standard Beaconfly monster is Leveled 1-12, and is named after a color.

Play Style

Beaconflies are not very well-equipped on ATK, the highest among those that are determined being 2600. However, they greatly make up for this with their Special Summoning capabilites. This makes getting the Fusions and Xyzs of this series out very easy, and you could even Synchro Summon using them. Their Swarming ability is boosted by their ability to be Special Summoned in a Spell or Trap Card Zone as if it were a Monster Card Zone. All of their Xyz Monsters require 3 monsters to Summon. The trump card is Rainbow Beaconfly, with a very powerful effect if in the presence of multiple LIGHT Insect-Type monsters.

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