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"Beholder" is an archetype consisting of Fiend and DARK monsters.


Their designs are based on the popular monster from the Dungeons and Dragons tabletop game, called, appropriately, "beholders".

Beholders are immediately identifiable, being essentially a floating head with a single, cyclops-like eye surrounded by ten smaller eyestalks. Other than this, the main feature of a beholder's anatomy was its massive, gaping maw. Because of these features, beholders were occasionally known as "spheres of many eyes" or "eye tyrants".

In D&D lore they are highly xenophobic, vicious, and violent, even with their own race. In the Yu-Gi-Oh! lore, they are still xenophobic, and some of them are vicious and violent, but most of them are not and all of them have the concept of "honour", which they didn't have in the source material.


This archetype is based on swarming the field with "Eye Tokens", which then trigger different effects.

Some cards can be used directly as an offensive, such as "Karoom, the Explosive Beholder", which once destroyed can Summon 1 "Self-Destructive Eye".

There's a related archetype based on the "Eye Tokens", these are mostly supported for the "Beholders", although in the correct Deck they can be useful alone.




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