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"Black Gear" is an archetype of DARK Machine-Type monsters. Most "Black Gear" monsters either summon themselves or other members through quick and simple means, or can disrupt an opponent’s strategy through hand and field destruction. "Black Gear" monsters also specialize in mid-to-high Rank Xyz Summons, usually capable of being done with 1 or 2 cards from the hand.

The Level 1 – 3 "Black Gear" monsters are generally used to bring out high Level "Black Gear" monsters, and are then used in tandem with the higher Level members to Xyz Summon Rank 5 and up “Black Gear” monsters.

The Level 4 "Black Gear" monsters each specialize in Special Summoning additional "Black Gear" monsters, or are used as hand traps – like "Homing Bee".

The Level 5 and higher "Black Gear" monsters usually have their own built-in means of summoning themselves to the field, and each specialize in field control – through stealing or destroying cards, or through summoning other high Level “Black Gear” monsters for a high Rank Xyz Summon.

The Level 8 "Black Gear" monsters represent the strongest and most powerful of the "Black Gear" Main Deck monsters, each being the "Emperor Class" of the respective bug they are named after. Each one usually has a devastating effect to quickly regain control of the field, or in some cases, severely punish an opponent for overextending.

Playing style

"Black Gears" are a very aggressive and high stakes archetype, usually swarming the field to bring out multiple Rank 4-7 Xyz Monsters in a single turn, with minimum resources. Cards such as "Magnetic Storm" and "Commander Zan's Storm" provide instant field control as they can quickly leave an opponent unguarded before starting a Black Gear swarm, while cards like "Homing Bee" and "Sniper Hornet" can provide hand control or ensure that an attack goes through.

Cards like "Black Salvo" can give the deck access to Synchro Monsters, while "Iron Call" can provide more Xyz fodder.


  • The Black Gear monsters are the enemies of the "Gadget HEROes" . They serve as their antithesis.
  • Each non-Xyz monster is named by its title then species, while the Xyz monsters are vice versa.
  • Each of the Black Gear monsters are controlled by a particular CO: The Spiders by General Mokoto, the Centipedes and Scorpions by Captain Kuro, and all of the winged insects by Commander Zan. Meanwhile, the Emperor classed Black Gears are used by the Emperor of the Black Gears.
  • The cards were inspired from the boss monster X-ATM092.