The Black Roses are a small archetype of mostly DARK Spellcaster-Type monsters that form both a pseudo-Dark Counterpart to normal Plant-based Black Rose Dragon Decks and a support archetype for their trump cards, "Black Rose Dragon" and "Malevolent Black Rose Dragon".


The Black Roses are used briefly by Aki Izayoi after her second duel with Hiro, the Dark Signer having convinced her that her Black Rose Witch persona was her true personality. She used them against the surviving members of the Arcadia Movement before Yusei tracked her down and dueled her. When Yusei won that, Aki's real personality returned to the surface and she discarded the Black Rose cards to use her original Deck.

Playing Style

A majority of the Black Rose monsters' effects take after "Black Rose Dragon", usually involving destroying themselves and other cards on the field when they are Normal or Special Summoned. The one exception to this is "Spirit of the Black Rose" which discards itself to add a different Black Rose monster to its owner's hand. Most can also add Tuner or non-Tuner monsters to their owner's hands, setting up the Synchro Summon of "Black Rose Dragon".

Due to their Attribute and Typing, Black Roses can be used in many Decks, usually for the assistance granted for Level 7 or lower Synchro Summons. For Summoning their name-sake however, they are held back by "Black Rose Dragon's" Limited status and so will require Spell and Trap support to return the dragon and other Synchro monsters to their owner's Extra Deck.


The Black Roses are held back by their specific summoning of Level 7 Synchro monsters. To access the more numerous Level 6 and Level 8 monsters, their controller will need to manipulate their Levels, slowing any Deck down.

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