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Blade Spirits is an archetype used by Jason Yukimura in Yu-Gi-Oh! BLADE.


Blade Spirits are spiritual knights in black armor with a motif of creatures ranging from land animals, sea creatures, birds, insects, and even mythical beasts.

Most Blade Spirits are separate into clans based on the animal family. One of the clan consist of mythical creatures called "Mythos".


Blade Spirits have mixed playstyles but, mostly sacrifice themselves to the graveyard. Whether it be tributing themselves, being destroyed.

If sent to the graveyard, they activate their effects. Each animal family has their own unique effects.

Canines - "Add 1 "Blade Spirit" monster from your deck to your hand."
Bovines - "Target 1 monster on your field, it gains 500 ATK/DEF until the end of the turn."
Felines - "Target 1 of your opponent's monsters, destroy it."

Mythos are Extra Deck monsters and their abilities rely on sending Main "Blade Spirits" monsters on the graveyard or using the graveyard as support.

List of "Blade Spirit" cards


Blade Spirit Animal Family
Bison Bison Bovines
Hound Hound Dog Canine
Tiger Tiger Felines
Wild Cat Wild Cat Felines
Byakko White Tiger Mythos

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