“Bloodyssal” is an archetype of DARK Fish-type monsters (except "Bloodyssal Mermaid") debuted in Final Destination.


All "Bloodyssal" monsters have Black fishscales, with some details in purple. They eyes are purple, and they teeth's are yellow. They have a giant body in relation to other marine beings, especially sharks, and in the case of "Bloodyssal Giant" monsters, larger than whales.


They are based on Deep-Sea Fishes (except "Bloodyssal Mermaid"):

Bloodyssal Monster Deep-Sea Fish
Bloodyssal Cookiecutter Cookiecutter Shark
Bloodyssal Fangtooth Fangtooth
Bloodyssal Lanterfish Lanternfish
Bloodyssal Pelican eel Pelican eel
Bloodyssal Sabertooth Sabertooth Fish
Bloodyssal Giant Anglerfish Anglerfish
Bloodyssal Giant Viperfish Sloane's Viperfish

Playing Style

The entire archetype focus on quickly Link 2/Xyz Summoning and inflict damage (directly and/or effect). "Lanternfish", "Cookiecutter","Fangtooth" and "Sabertooth" can be Special Summoned from Hand for quickly Link Summon "Mermaid", and activate their effect to recover Fish-type monsters from GY, and then quickly Summon Rank 4 monsters. "Anglerfish" can decrease your opponent's monster ATK and inflict piercing damage, and "Viperfish" can Summon "Bloodyssal tokens" in your opponent's side: Those tokens have low ATK, and when are destroyed by Battle, your opponent takes 500 damage.

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