A "Bloom Summon" is the act of Summoning a Bloom Monster. It is conducted by using a Sprout Monster, the Bloom Summon equivalent of a Tuner Monster for a Synchro Summon. After the condition of the Sprout Monster is fulfilled, it can be sent from the field to the Graveyard in order to conduct a Bloom Summon of a Bloom Monster, which is then placed on the field, in the card zone previously occupied by the Sprout Monster. However, the used Sprout Monster must also fit the Bloom Monsters condition, which can range from Levels (e.g. 1 Level 6 Sprout Monster) to Archetype or even Monster-exclusive (e.g. 1 "Plasma Devotion TRU"). However, unlike Synchro or Xyz Monsters, Bloom Monsters are not restricted to having the same Level as their Sprout Monsters.

In any fanfictions Bloom Summoning will be used, the term "Blossom" is used by players to initate a Bloom Summon. The usual chant for a Bloom Summon is "I let (Name of Sprout Monster) blossom with (condition of Sprout Monster) to Bloom Summon (Name of Bloom Monster)!" After that, the Sprout Monster is engulved in a cocoon with a color corresponding to its Attribute. Then, if the Bloom Monster has a different Attribute, the cocoon changes color to the Bloom Monsters Attribute, before it dispenses itself, revealing the Bloom Summoned Monster.

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