Blue-Eyes' Pain into Powerful
Japan-flag Translated Pain of the blue eye to that that is strong
Card type Trap Card Trap
Property Continuous Continuous
As long as this card remains face-up on the field, Battle Damage to the controller of a Blue-Eyes monster from a battle involving that Blue-Eyes monster becomes 0. You can Special Summon one Blue-Eyes from your Deck with less Level number than the destroyed one onto your side of the field and have it increased it Attack Points by amount that difference between attacked monster's ATK points and destroying Blue-Eyes monster's ATK points.
Sets Blue-Eyes Archetype (BLUE-CC0?? SR)
Rarity Super Rare


Blue-Eyes Regular Stuff

Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon - Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon - Blue-Eyes White Dragon - Kaibaman - Paladin of White Dragon - Kaibaman - The White Stone of Legend - White Dragon Ritual

Blue-Eyes More Supports

Monsters Blue-Eyes Tuner Dragon - Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon - Synchro Mode - Blue-Eyes White Dragon - Synchro Mode - Blue-Eyes White Dragon/Assault Mode - Blue-Eyes Wyvern - Faith of the Blue-Eyes - Knight of Blue-Eyes - Spirit of Blue-Eyes


The Charity of Blue-Eyes - White Land of Blue-Eyes Dragons


Blue-Eyes' Pain into Powerful

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