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Blue-Eyes Burst Dragon
Blue-Eyes Burst Dragon.jpg
Creator Dime2400
Attribute LIGHT LIGHT.png
Type(s) [ Dragon/Synchro/Effect ]
Level 8 Level2.pngLevel2.pngLevel2.pngLevel2.pngLevel2.pngLevel2.pngLevel2.pngLevel2.png
ATK / DEF 3000 / 2500
"White Stone Of Legend" + 1+ non-Tuner monsters
Once per turn, you can discard 1 card to destroy all Face-up cards on your opponent's side of the field that is the same Card Type as the card you discarded (Monster, Spell or Trap), You cannot conduct your Battle Phase the turn you activate this effect. When this card is targeted by a Spell, Trap, or Effect Monster's effect that negates this card's attack, you can discard 1 card from your hand to negate the activation of that card and destroy it.