Bond of the Guild is a Booster Pack, a special one, dedicated to the bond of the Sakaki Clan in this 200-card pack. It is the 6th one in Branch's series, following Enchanting World and followed by Phantom Persona.



Set no. English Name Japanese Name Rarity Category
BOTG-EN001 Performapal Bandicute Effect Pendulum Monster
BOTG-EN002 Performapal Xyz Dancer Effect Pendulum Monster
BOTG-EN003 Squire Magician Effect Pendulum Monster
BOTG-EN004 Avant the Melodious Diva Effect Monster
BOTG-EN005 Grazioso the Melodious Diva Effect Tuner Monster
BOTG-EN006 Superheavy Samurai Platinum Heavyking Effect Monster
BOTG-EN007 Superheavy Samurai Soulcrusher Effect Monster
BOTG-EN008 Superheavy Samurai Mime Effect Tuner Monster
BOTG-EN009 D/D Savant Darwin Effect Pendulum Monster
BOTG-EN010 Abyss Actor - Crafty Stagehand Effect Pendulum Monster
BOTG-EN011 Vendread Nurse Effect Monster
BOTG-EN012 Performinja Kicking Crane Effect Pendulum Monster
BOTG-EN013 Performinja Rushout Horse Effect Pendulum Monster
BOTG-EN014 Performinja Galloping Gazelle Effect Pendulum Tuner Monster
BOTG-EN015 Ryua the Field Star Effect Monster
BOTG-EN016 Tama the Exploding Star Effect Monster
BOTG-EN017 Predaplant Vulgaris Effect Monster
BOTG-EN018 Predaplant Snakeroot Effect Monster
BOTG-EN019 Predaplant Matured Mandrake Effect Pendulum Monster
BOTG-EN020 Lunalight Pink Puppy Effect Monster
BOTG-EN021 Fluffal Chimp Effect Monster
BOTG-EN022 Performage Imp Pastor Effect Pendulum Monster
BOTG-EN023 Performage Imp Groom Effect Pendulum Monster
BOTG-EN024 Performage Imp Bride Effect Pendulum Monster
BOTG-EN025 Cyber Acro Effect Pendulum Monster
BOTG-EN026 Cyber Batic Effect Pendulum Monster
BOTG-EN027 Armed Dragon LV1 Effect Monster
BOTG-EN028 Destiny HERO - Detectiveguy Effect Monster
BOTG-EN029 Destiny HERO - Dancerguy Effect Pendulum Monster
BOTG-EN030 Destiny HERO - Diverguy Effect Pendulum Monster
BOTG-EN031 Speedroid Checkerpede Effect Monster
BOTG-EN032 Speedroid See-n-say Effect Monster
BOTG-EN033 Speedroid Gold-Eyed Dice Effect Tuner Monster
BOTG-EN034 Windwitch - Flurry Bell Effect Monster
BOTG-EN035 Windwitch - Icicle Bell Effect Monster
BOTG-EN036 Windwitch - North Bell Effect Tuner Pendulum Monster
BOTG-EN037 Windwitch - South Bell Effect Pendulum Monster
BOTG-EN038 Black Rose Wolf Effect Monster
BOTG-EN039 Black Rose Mouse Effect Tuner Pendulum Monster
BOTG-EN040 Black Rose Snail Effect Pendulum Monster
BOTG-EN041 Black Rose Autumn Dragon Effect Pendulum Monster
BOTG-EN042 Blackwing - Din the White Flame Effect Monster
BOTG-EN043 Blackwing - Farore the Saber Wind Effect Monster
BOTG-EN044 Red Puppet Effect Monster
BOTG-EN045 Lyrilusc - Apatite Pecker Effect Monster
BOTG-EN046 Raidraptor - Slim Lanius Effect Monster
BOTG-EN047 Ghostrick Medusa Effect Monster
BOTG-EN048 Ghostrick Goblin Effect Monster
BOTG-EN049 All-Terrain Tank Train Effect Monster
BOTG-EN050 Cipher Thrasher Effect Monster
BOTG-EN051 Cipher Crusher Effect Monster
BOTG-EN052 Cat Resident - Firefighter Effect Monster
BOTG-EN053 Cat Resident - Lifeguard Effect Monster
BOTG-EN054 Inkblot Crawler Effect Monster
BOTG-EN055 Inkblot Sloshling Effect Monster
BOTG-EN056 Inkblot Blit Effect Pendulum Monster
BOTG-EN057 Inkblot Blat Effect Pendulum Monster
BOTG-EN058 Plasmaniac Vakcum Effect Monster
BOTG-EN059 Plasmaniac Toylot Effect Monster
BOTG-EN060 Salamangreat Monkey Effect Monster
BOTG-EN061 Salamangreat Hippo Effect Monster
BOTG-EN062 Trickstar Oleanda Effect Monster
BOTG-EN063 Trickstar Wisteria Effect Monster
BOTG-EN064 Altergeist MedUSB Effect Monster
BOTG-EN065 Flowrokket Dragon Effect Monster
BOTG-EN066 Cosmic Clairvoyant Lyra Effect Monster
BOTG-EN067 Cosmic Clairvoyant Serpens Effect Monster
BOTG-EN068 Cosmic Clairvoyant Major Effect Pendulum Monster
BOTG-EN069 Cosmic Clairvoyant Minor Effect Pendulum Monster
BOTG-EN070 Lurmaid Starfish Effect Monster
BOTG-EN071 Lurmaid Dolphin Effect Pendulum Monster
BOTG-EN072 Lurmaid Marlin Effect Pendulum Monster
BOTG-EN073 Black Gargoyle Effect Monster
BOTG-EN074 Black Tactician Effect Monster
BOTG-EN075 Beach Bruiser Groundshaker Effect Monster
BOTG-EN076 Pasteliner Protector Effect Monster
BOTG-EN077 Pasteliner Monk Effect Monster
BOTG-EN078 Noble Knight Claudin Effect Pendulum Monster
BOTG-EN079 Noble Knight Morholt Effect Pendulum Monster
BOTG-EN080 Performapal Tricked Tick Effect Ritual Monster
BOTG-EN081 Vendread Demondog Effect Ritual Monster
BOTG-EN082 Cyber Angel Kubera Effect Ritual Monster
BOTG-EN083 Raidraptor - Declaration Buzzard Effect Ritual Monster
BOTG-EN084 Beach Bruiser Crashgolem Effect Ritual Monster
BOTG-EN085 Performapal Enlightenment Centaur Effect Fusion Monster
BOTG-EN086 Forest-Eyes Pendulum Dragon Effect Fusion Monster
BOTG-EN087 Predaplant Bahaophyllum Effect Fusion Monster
BOTG-EN088 Lunalight Coyote Dancer Effect Fusion Monster
BOTG-EN089 Frightfur Ape Effect Fusion Monster
BOTG-EN090 Performage Yarnlord Effect Fusion Monster
BOTG-EN091 Destiny HERO - Devious Effect Fusion Monster
BOTG-EN092 Ojama Jester Effect Fusion Monster
BOTG-EN093 D/D/D Savage King Attila Effect Fusion Monster
BOTG-EN094 Hariti the Guardian Star Effect Fusion Monster
BOTG-EN095 Altergeist Dropvilion Effect Fusion Monster
BOTG-EN096 Performapal Velocitainer Effect Synchro Monster
BOTG-EN097 Hi-Speedroid Trirunner Effect Tuner Synchro Monster
BOTG-EN098 Windwitch - Glacier Bell Effect Synchro Monster
BOTG-EN099 Black Rose Princess Effect Synchro Monster
BOTG-EN100 Assault Blackwing - Sakano the Rain Caller Effect Synchro Monster
BOTG-EN101 Red Mammoth Effect Synchro Monster
BOTG-EN102 Bethovenna the Melodious Maestra Effect Synchro Monster
BOTG-EN103 D/D/D Ancient King Cadmus Effect Synchro Monster
BOTG-EN104 Performinja Katana Magician Effect Pendulum Synchro Monster
BOTG-EN105 Rokket Navigator Effect Tuner Synchro Monster
BOTG-EN106 Sacred Noble Knight of King Drystan Effect Synchro Monster
BOTG-EN107 Performapal Blaze Goblin Effect Xyz Monster
BOTG-EN108 The Phantom Knights of Vengeful Scythe Effect Xyz Monster
BOTG-EN109 Lyrilusc - Faith Nightingale Effect Xyz Monster
BOTG-EN110 Raidraptor - Avenger Falcon Effect Xyz Monster
BOTG-EN111 Ghostrick Creepy Clown of Nightmares Effect Xyz Monster
BOTG-EN112 Performage Dice Ninja Effect Xyz Monster
BOTG-EN113 Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Ballistic Ray Effect Xyz Monster
BOTG-EN114 Cipher Warrior Effect Xyz Monster
BOTG-EN115 Cat Resident - Pirate Effect Xyz Monster
BOTG-EN116 D/D/D Vampire King Dio Effect Xyz Monster
BOTG-EN117 Performapal Linkipede Effect Link Monster
BOTG-EN118 Shadow Depth Link Dragon Effect Link Monster
BOTG-EN119 Inkblot Projectionist Effect Link Monster
BOTG-EN120 Plasmaniac Labtawp Effect Link Monster
BOTG-EN121 Salamangreat Sunset Tiger Effect Link Monster
BOTG-EN122 Trickstar Ivy Suculine Effect Link Monster
BOTG-EN123 Altergeist Honetwork Toponna Effect Link Monster
BOTG-EN124 Submission Dragon Effect Link Monster
BOTG-EN125 D/D/D Great King Peter Effect Link Monster
BOTG-EN126 Performage Deck Warlock Effect Link Monster
BOTG-EN127 Cyber Aerialist Effect Link Monster
BOTG-EN128 Red Phoenix Effect Link Monster
BOTG-EN129 Lyrilusc - Collected Nightingale Effect Link Monster
BOTG-EN130 Cosmic Clairvoyant Pluto Effect Link Monster
BOTG-EN131 Cosmosgazer Magician Effect Pendulum Enchant Monster
BOTG-EN132 Future Aura Enchant Dragon Effect Enchant Monster
BOTG-EN133 Cosmic Clairvoyant Earth Effect Enchant Monster
BOTG-EN134 Lurmaid Starfish Princess Effect Enchant Monster
BOTG-EN135 Black Warlock Effect Enchant Monster
BOTG-EN136 Beach Bruiser Steelgolem Effect Enchant Monster
BOTG-EN137 Pasteliner Divine Donatello Effect Enchant Monster
BOTG-EN138 Mozarta the Composed Melodious Maestra Effect Enchant Monster
BOTG-EN139 D/D/D Sand King Ramses Effect Enchant Monster
BOTG-EN140 Trickstar Chocolate Idol Delight Effect Enchant Monster
BOTG-EN141 Palamedes, Hero of the Noble Knights Effect Enchant Monster
BOTG-EN142 2nd Movement Duet Normal Spell Card
BOTG-EN143 Dark Contract with the Forbidden One Continuous Spell Card
BOTG-EN144 Abyss Script - Abysskrieg Normal Spell Card
BOTG-EN145 Abyss Costume - Sword of the Hero Equip Spell Card
BOTG-EN146 Abyss Costume - Shield of the Guardian Equip Spell Card
BOTG-EN147 Vendread Syringe Equip Spell Card
BOTG-EN148 Performinja Barricade Continuous Spell Card
BOTG-EN149 Predaphotosynthesis Continuous Spell Card
BOTG-EN150 Performage Surprise Slots Continuous Spell Card
BOTG-EN151 D - Medallion Equip Spell Card
BOTG-EN152 Speedroid Track Field Spell Card
BOTG-EN153 Windwitch - Perfume Normal Spell Card
BOTG-EN154 Windwitch - Fantasy Normal Spell Card
BOTG-EN155 Black Rose Nurture Normal Spell Card
BOTG-EN156 Black Rose Fertilization Continuous Spell Card
BOTG-EN157 Lyrilusc - Bird Call Quick-Play Spell Card
BOTG-EN158 Raidraptor - Decoy Raptors Quick-Play Spell Card
BOTG-EN159 Raidraptor - Civil Formation Ritual Spell Card
BOTG-EN160 Ghostrick Fair Field Spell Card
BOTG-EN161 Whistle Fever Normal Spell Card
BOTG-EN162 Cipher Communication Normal Spell Card
BOTG-EN163 Inkblot Distribution Normal Spell Card
BOTG-EN164 Salamangreat Wizardry Normal Spell Card
BOTG-EN165 Trickstar Scout Normal Spell Card
BOTG-EN166 Snipe Shot Quick-Play Spell Card
BOTG-EN167 Cosmic Surplus Normal Spell Card
BOTG-EN168 Cosmic Prediction Normal Spell Card
BOTG-EN169 Lurmaid Cloak Normal Spell Card
BOTG-EN170 Black Gold Normal Spell Card
BOTG-EN171 Beach Bruiser Bulk Up Normal Spell Card
BOTG-EN172 Beach Bruiser Ritual Ritual Spell Card
BOTG-EN173 Divine Masterpiece - Creation of Exodia Continuous Spell Card
BOTG-EN174 Divine Masterpiece - Dusk Watch Continuous Spell Card
BOTG-EN175 Noble Arms - Missiletainn Equip Spell Card
BOTG-EN176 Smiles of Destruction Continuous Trap Card
BOTG-EN177 Performinja Shuffle Continuous Trap Card
BOTG-EN178 Star Smackdown Normal Trap Card
BOTG-EN179 Predaplague Counter Trap Card
BOTG-EN180 Lunalight Reaction Dance Counter Trap Card
BOTG-EN181 Frightfur Knock-Off Normal Trap Card
BOTG-EN182 Cyber Society Continuous Trap Card
BOTG-EN183 XYZ Takeover Normal Trap Card
BOTG-EN184 Speedroid Scarecrow Normal Trap Card
BOTG-EN185 Windwitch - Frost Cauldron Continuous Trap Card
BOTG-EN186 Black Rose Thornwall Normal Trap Card
BOTG-EN187 Blackwing - Brotherhood Continuous Trap Card
BOTG-EN188 Red Flames Normal Trap Card
BOTG-EN189 The Phantom Knights of Shifted Sabatons Normal Trap Card
BOTG-EN190 The Phantom Knights of Scratched Gorget Normal Trap Card
BOTG-EN191 Phantom Knights' Grave Saber Continuous Trap Card
BOTG-EN192 Ghostrick Thriller Continuous Trap Card
BOTG-EN193 Cat Resident - Festival Continuous Trap Card
BOTG-EN194 Cat Resident - Ambulance Normal Trap Card
BOTG-EN195 Plasmaniac Discharge Normal Trap Card
BOTG-EN196 Salamangreat Split Normal Trap Card
BOTG-EN197 Trickstar Stage Selection Normal Trap Card
BOTG-EN198 Altergeist Simulation Continuous Trap Card
BOTG-EN199 Borrel Urgent Exchange Normal Trap Card
BOTG-EN200 Black Shutdown Normal Trap Card
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