The Brave HERO is a new sub-series of the HERO archetype. For the majority of Yu-Gi-Oh! Legends, the protagonist, Yuta Seido, uses this archetype in his main deck.

Play Style

Brave HEROes are all Effect Monsters and vary from Burn to Beat-down tactics but being as a majority of them are Level 5 and lower monsters, they rely on their Fusions Monsters for their main strategies. With the addition of "Brave HERO Legendary Zero",  and the "Brave Beast" monsters, the archetype has expanded into being able to Synchro Summon without much effort in a way similar to the "Neos" and "Neo-Spacian" archetypes being able to Contact Fuse.

Role in Yu-Gi-Oh! Legends

The Brave HEROes first appear in Yuta's duel against Kenji in which Yuta wins the duel with the appearance of his first Fusion Monster, "Thunder Mallet". As times goes on, Yuta gets into more duels and begins to show off more of his Brave HERO Fusion Monsters, in a similar manner as the first season of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, as he and his friends get into more and more situations where dueling is the only way out. In one of these duels, it is revealed that Yuta possesses an ability that connects him to the world of Duel Monster Spirits. It is also revealed that he shares a strong connection to his self proclaimed ace of his deck, "Little Hammer".

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