The CPU Archetype (also known as the Computer Archetype) is an Archetype comprised of EARTH Machine-Type monsters, some of which are Union Monsters, based off of computer programs. CPU monsters are completely geared towards taking control of Machine-Type monsters that your opponent controls, utilizing various means of doing so. Most CPU monsters share common effects: you can't Normal Summon other CPU monsters if one is on the field ("CPU Master Core" prevents their Summoning entirely), they cannot attack your opponent's monsters, and they can only change the control of one monster at a time (except for CPU Master Core). Monsters controlled via CPU monster effects also share handicaps: they are treated as CPU monsters, their effects are negated, and they can't attack your opponent directly. All in all, the main strategy is clearing your opponent's field of their Machine-Types in order to make a direct attack with the CPU monsters. However, they thrive under the Field Spell Central Processor Unit, which removes their Summoning handicap, allowing you to easily Summon more CPU monsters as well as Special Summon the trump card of the series, CPU Master Core, in a Ritual Summon-esque fashion. The CPU series also supports Hybrid Monsters, with "CPU Link" and "File Merging" adding their specialized Splice Cards to the hand. All CPU monsters, support cards, and related cards are named after computer terminology, and emulate their naming bases in their effects, some of which are rather unique.

Recommended Cards

As this Archetype is a fully Anti-Machine Archetype, a CPU Deck user can be at a major disadvantage if the opponent does not use Machine-Type monsters. "DNA Surgery" is an excellent card to have in this Deck, as you can change all monsters to Machine-Type, leaving all monsters at the mercy of these monsters' effects.

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