Candy Racer

"Candy Racer" (キャンディーレーサー / Kyandiresa)  is an archetype of Fairy Type Gemini monsters with different Attributes used by Billy Docetoff.



Each "Candy Racer" monster is a kart racer inspired by a candy or a sweet food. Having in the artwork a candy racetrack. And all numbered from 1 to 20.


Candy Racer Candy
Sodie Soft Drink
Chocolan Milk Chocolate
Lilypops Lollipop
Gumgum Chewing Gum
Candapple Candy Apple
Cakam Cake
Icecram Ice Cream
Twamel Caramel
Morshmollaw Marshmallow
Chettus Caramelized Cherry
Cupcam Cupcake
Tutty Tutti-Frutti
Jujulie Jujube
Sugar King Sugar
Sucrystolon Sugar Crystal / Rock Sugar
Darchocie Dark Chocolate
Whichocie White Chocolate
Popsandro Ice Pop / Popsicle
Milkshie Milkshake
Rouland Swiss Roll

Playing style

Corredor Doce - Milkshie

Candy Racer number 19: Milkshie

The key card to the "Candy Racer" Deck is "Raceway of Candy Race World", a Field Spell Card that increases your Normal Summon/Set of Fairy Type monsters. "Raceway of Candy Race World" also it have a self-protection by banish 1 Fairy-Type monster from your deck, face-down. This archetype can be useful on Synchro and Fairy decks.

On this deck there is only one Synchro Monster "Candy Racer - Sugar King" with Level 8. It prevents your opponent from targeting "Raceway of Candy Race World" with card effects and every time you summon a "Candy Racer" Effect Monster you can summon 1 "Candy Racer" monster in your hand by Special Summon."Candy Prince - Black Licorice" and "Candy Pricess - Minty" are two Level 5 Synchro Monster that can be used on this deck. Its effects are that while face-up in the field, their name becomes "Candy Racer - Sugar King", this can be useful, since they can be summon easier and to activate Spells and Traps that require that "Candy Racer - Sugar King " is in the field to activate.

Pista de Corrida do Mundo de Corrida Doces

Raceway of Candy Race World

Spells and Traps like "Candy Race, START!", "Candy Starting Line" and "Automatic Candy Kart Factory" can be searched for by the effect of "Candy Racer - Sodie" and can help in the summon of "Candy Racer" monsters and Synchro Monsters. "Power-Up Sugar Cube" can be a good Spell on this deck.

Monsters like "Dragon of the Candy Raceway", "Sugar King's Crown" and "Sugar King's Servant" can be searched for by the effect of "Candy Racer - Candapple" and can be help in the protection of "Candy Racer" in your control. "Dragon of the Candy Raceway" can be discarded from the hand to add to your hand 1 "Candy Raceway" Field Spell Card from your deck.