Vol. 2 Toon Goblin Attack Force


  • This card has the following backtory: "A “Toon Goblin Attack Force” from “Toon World Vol. 2: Toon Adventure”, their design has changed slightly as their characters grew. They’re almost unstoppable team, when they’re not fighting amongst themselves that is."
  • Each goblin has its own name and personality:
Capatain: The leader of the team, as shown by the star on his helmet. Proud and brave, he has a hard time admitting when he's wrong or afraid.
Strong: The strongest of the team, he has more fangs in his mouth than the others. While he is the best fighter, he isn't very smart.
Brains: The smartest of the team, he wears glasses not because he needs them but because he thniks they make him look even smarter.
Rookie: The youngest of the team, he has no specific distinguishing features. While he is the weakest of the 4, his innocence and heart oftn inspire the others.
  • The personalities of the goblins are based on "The Penguins of Madagascar".
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