Catastropical is an archetype of EARTH, FIRE, WATER and WIND monsters with varying types created by CardMakerDoge.


Level 3

The Level 3 "Catastropical" monsters all contain 4 effects, One that Special Summons itself (usually in response to an opponent's action), A second effect that activates if summoned by the 1st effect, a third that gives a lingering effect to a "Catastropical" monster that was Special Summoned by tributing it, and finally a fourth effect that is the same across all of them: If this card is Tributed and sent to the GY, add this card to your hand.

Catastropical Natural Disaster Animal
Catastropical Cyclonevern Cyclone Wyvern
Catastropical Floodfish Flood Fish
Catastropical Haildra Hail Hydra
Catastropical Sinkmole Sinkhole Mole
Catastropical Stormbird Thunderstorm Thunderbird

Level/Rank 10

Catastropical Natural Disaster Animal
Catastropical Calamity - El Nimera El Nino  ???
Catastropical Dragoruption Volcanic Eruption Dragon
Catastropical Sharknami Tsunami Shark
Catastropical Wormquake Earthquake Earthworm
Catastropical Yetivalanche Avalanche Yeti
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