A Chain-force Monster is a type of Monster Card that is colored light blue. They are located in the Extra Deck.

To Special Summon it, Chain-force Monster requires to meet special circumstance before able to be Summoned. When a chain of chain links are resolving and its numbers are equal to the level of a Chain-force Monster in your Extra Deck, you can Special Summon it after the chain resolved completely. Chain-force Monster can only be summoned during Main Phase and the player's turn.

When Chain-force Monsters remain face-up on the field, they gains 1 Level each time chain links (at least equal or higher than 2) are resolving. The Level of Chain-force Monsters cannot be increased except by their own effect. Instead of common Level limit of twelve, Chain-force Monsters have their own limit of Level listed on their effect and unlock hidden effect when they reach certain Level.

Because Chain-force Monsters belong in the Extra Deck, they return there whenever they would be returned to the hand or Main Deck, like Fusion Monsters. Also, like Fusion Monsters, they cannot be Special Summoned from the Graveyard if they were not properly Chain-force Summoned first.

Normally, to make a chain link equal or higher than 2 which would increase levels of Chain-force Monsters and at the same time create an opening to Special Summon Chain-force Monster, Quick Spell Cards are favorable in the strategy in Chain-force Summoning.

"Player A's Turn

Player A: Activates Dark Hole. (Chain Link 1)
Player B: Activates Mystical Space Typhoon. (Chain Link 2)
Player A and B: Decided not to activate any cards.
Chains Resolved, Mystical Space Typhoon destroys a face-down card. Dark Hole destroys all monsters on the field.
Player A: Special Summon a Level 2 Chain-force Monster from its Extra Deck.


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