Name: Chiharu Nanairo
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 125 lbs
Blood Type: Undecided
Birthday: Undecided
Family: Yuji Hamada (adoptive father)
Likes: Her family, her friends, Dueling, Yushi, group activities
Dislikes: Being bored, Losing, People messing with her friends, people fighting amongst each other
Deck: Unknown
Appears In: Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-7
English VA Undecided

Chiharu Nanairo is the main female protagonist of Taylor Gorrell's eventual fanfiction, Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-7. Yushi’s best friend since childhood, she accepted a scholarship to a well-known school in the USA to help show off Spectrum Summoning... but only if Yushi could come as well (which he did).


Chiharu is a fair-skinned young woman with bright pink eyes, though her most striking feature is her rainbow-colored hair, which is apparently natural, as flashbacks show her with rainbow hair as a baby. She often keeps her hair done up in a ponytail with a pink band. Chiharu’s body is very curvy with large breasts, both of which are common for main female protagonists, though both are noted as being unusually so, both by Yu-Gi-Oh! standards and by characters in-universe. According to Taylor Gorrell, Chiharu's measurements are, in bust-waist-hip order, 104-61-99 centimeters (41-24-39 inches). Chiharu is also left-handed, wearing her Duel Disk on her right arm.

Chiharu’s outfit is a sky blue sweater (which doesn’t hide her breasts very well) with lavender embroidery, green knee-length pants with yellow “cuffs” at the end of the legs, red shoes with orange socks, and a bracelet made of monochrome beads on her right wrist.


Chiharu’s last name, Nanairo, means “seven colors”. Yuji gave her that last name after seeing her rainbow hair.


Chiharu is a kind-hearted and friendly girl, though even she can get exasperated by what happens around her. A very social person, Chiharu enjoys doing things in a group and making new friends, likewise disliking it when people are fighting. She is a little irked at the low prevalence of female Duelists in the world, but she never gets preachy about it, instead giving her all in Duels to prove that she is a capable Duelist. Chiharu can be a bit of a worrywart at times, fretting at little things, though she can be calmed down rather easily (most of the time).


Coming eventually...



Yushi Yurozuya

Yushi and Chiharu are childhood best friends. Yushi helped Chiharu and her father work the bugs out of the first Spectrum Monsters, and he was given the Prism Beasts as thanks, with Chiharu herself giving him "Iridesk Hero Nijiyama" as a gift. The two often stick together, to the point that Chiharu would've refused to go to the school in America if Yushi couldn't come as well. Chiharu harbors a deep crush on Yushi, which she fears that he doesn’t notice (but he actually does).

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