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Chiming Blossoms is a Booster Pack. It is the 12th one in Branch's series, following Searing Wrath and followed by Dimension Competition.



Set no. English Name Japanese Name Rarity Category
CHBL-EN001 Odd-Eyes Baby Dragon Effect Pendulum Monster
CHBL-EN002 "Performapal" Pendulum Monster
CHBL-EN003 Cancelled
CHBL-EN004 Cancelled
CHBL-EN005 Abyss Actor - Heroic Protag Effect Pendulum Monster
CHBL-EN006 Abyss Actor - Playful Pooch Effect Pendulum Monster
CHBL-EN007 Wolfspain Metal Lupus Effect Monster
CHBL-EN008 Wolfspain Metal Tiger Effect Monster
CHBL-EN009 Wolfspain Metal Lion Effect Monster
CHBL-EN010 Wolfspain Metal Badgar Effect Tuner Monster
CHBL-EN011 Wolfspain Metal Kuma Effect Tuner Monster
CHBL-EN012 Armed Dragon Thunder LV1 Effect Monster
CHBL-EN013 Cyber Celestial Effect Monster
CHBL-EN014 Rainblow Falcon Effect Monster
CHBL-EN015 Rainblow Eagle Effect Monster
CHBL-EN016 Rainblow Tiki Connor Effect Monster
CHBL-EN017 Rainblow Sparrow Effect Monster
CHBL-EN018 Blizzard Eagle Effect Monster
CHBL-EN019 Karate Penguin Effect Monster
CHBL-EN020 Cosmic Clairvoyant Pegasus Effect Monster
CHBL-EN021 Cosmic Clairvoyant Columba Effect Monster
CHBL-EN022 Cosmic Clairvoyant Pavo Effect Monster
CHBL-EN023 Sundancer Medea Effect Monster
CHBL-EN024 "Sundancer" Effect Monster
CHBL-EN025 "Sundancer" Effect Monster
CHBL-EN026 "Sundancer" Effect Monster
CHBL-EN027 "Sundancer" Effect Monster
CHBL-EN028 Karakuri Onmyoji mdl 6954 "Hayate" Effect Monster
CHBL-EN029 Kitsune Deity - Flare Effect Monster
CHBL-EN030 Kitsune Deity - Hydro Effect Monster
CHBL-EN031 Kitsune Deity - Storm Effect Monster
CHBL-EN032 Kitsune Deity - Shock Effect Monster
CHBL-EN033 Kitsune Deity - Snow Effect Monster
CHBL-EN034 "Dragonmaid" Effect Monster
CHBL-EN035 "Dragonmaid" Effect Monster
CHBL-EN036 Cyber Angel Loving Empress Effect Ritual Monster
CHBL-EN037 Ojama Farmer Effect Fusion Monster
CHBL-EN038 Kitsune Deity - Ninetails Effect Fusion Monster
CHBL-EN039 "Performapal" Synchro Monster
CHBL-EN040 "Wolfspain" Synchro Monster
CHBL-EN041 "Battlewasp" Synchro Monster
CHBL-EN042 "Wolfspain" Xyz Monster
CHBL-EN043 Ghostrick Leprechaun Effect Xyz Monster
CHBL-EN044 Ice Warrior Zeroth Effect Xyz Monster
CHBL-EN045 Rainblow Dragon Effect Link Monster
CHBL-EN046 Rainblow Pegasus Effect Link Monster
CHBL-EN047 Harpie's Jinxed Pet Dragon Effect Link Monster
CHBL-EN048 Ra's Descendant Effect Link Monster
CHBL-EN049 Cosmic Clairvoyant Jupiter Effect Enchant Monster
CHBL-EN050 D/D/D Sand High King Ramses Effect Enchant Monster
CHBL-EN051 "Sundancer" Enchant Monster
CHBL-EN052 Cancelled
CHBL-EN053 Abyss Style - Collier Shoot Normal Spell Card
CHBL-EN054 Abyss Style - Party Table Abyss Course Normal Spell Card
CHBL-EN055 "Wolfspain" Spell Card
CHBL-EN056 "Wolfspain" Spell Card
CHBL-EN057 Sacrificial Machine Angel Quick-Play Spell Card
CHBL-EN058 Windwitch Tundra Field Spell Card
CHBL-EN059 Windwitch Synchronize Quick-Play Spell Card
CHBL-EN060 Rainblow Connection Normal Spell Card
CHBL-EN061 Rainblow Wings Equip Spell Card
CHBL-EN062 "Sundancer" Spell Card
CHBL-EN063 "Sundancer" Spell Card
CHBL-EN064 "Sundancer" Spell Card
CHBL-EN065 "Battlewasp" Spell Card
CHBL-EN066 Kitsune Country Field Spell Card
CHBL-EN067 Kitsune Fusion Quick-Play Spell Card
CHBL-EN068 Smile Syndrome Normal Trap Card
CHBL-EN069 D/D Advancement Normal Trap Card
CHBL-EN070 "Wolfspain" Trap Card
CHBL-EN071 "Wolfspain" Trap Card
CHBL-EN072 Windwitch Bonds Normal Trap Card
CHBL-EN073 "Windwitch" Trap Card
CHBL-EN074 Ghostrick Chase Normal Trap Card
CHBL-EN075 Rainblow Trunade Normal Trap Card
CHBL-EN076 "Sundancer" Trap Card
CHBL-EN077 Kitsune Illusion Normal Trap Card
CHBL-EN078 Yosenju Counter Counter Trap Card
CHBL-EN079 Armatos Cursor Counter Trap Card
CHBL-EN080 Cyber Shot Normal Trap Card