The Chronomaly Lords, or OOPArts Deities (Gods of the OOPArts (オーパーツの神々) in the OCG) are a sub-archetype of Ritual Monsters, and assorted Spells, based on the various gods and goddesses from the mythologies of ancient and extinct races like the Aztecs, Mayans, and Incas and the like. The appearance of the Deities range from general artistic depiction from those that worshipped them, to artistic liberties on verbal/handwritten descriptions in the tales and legends about them; and each Lord wears a necklace with a totem shaped like one of the "Chronomaly" monsters, as if each of them are connected to a certain Deity (though in actuality, the Chronomaly monster and Lord may be from different religious beliefs). Their effect mostly focus on supporting the other Chronomaly Monsters in setting up for Xyz Summoning or adding an assist in general combat. The point of using one Ritual Spell to summon one of many Ritual Monsters mimics that of the Evigishki.

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