• Focus on three new subsets: the Majesties, the Melodies and the Torments.
    • The effect of the "Majesties" activate when they are Summoned. They are very strong and their effects are powerful.
    • "Melodies" use Music Counters to make field advantage. The music "Melodies" sound great for you, but will be cacophony for your opponent! Fermata - The Grand Finale's effect will defeat your opponent's monsters with grace.
    • The new "Torment" are Union Monsters that have a new feature: They attach to your opponent's monsters! They do various bad effects for your opponent's, and they you can summon the all powerful Torment Dragon, the most dangerous Torment of the bunch!
  • Cover Card is "Majesty of Chaos".
  • This booster pack is very OP and unrealistic and would never be printed but if you want to make unfair cards be my guest.
Clash of the Majesties
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
COMJ-EN000 Majesty of Chaos Secret Rare Effect Monster
COMJ-EN001 Majesty of Holiness Secret Rare Effect Monster
COMJ-EN002 Majesty of Flames Secret Rare Effect Monster
COMJ-EN003 Majesty of Ice Secret Rare Effect Monster
COMJ-EN004 Majesty of Wind Secret Rare Effect Monster
COMJ-EN005 Majesty of Rock Secret Rare Effect Monster
COMJ-EN006 Kakutasu Dragon Super Rare Effect Monster
COMJ-EN007 Spring Bunny Common Normal Monster
COMJ-EN008 Majesties' Throne Super Rare Union Monster
COMJ-EN009 Majesties' Servant Common Effect Monster
COMJ-EN010 Fortissimo - The Angry Melody Common Effect Monster
COMJ-EN011 Pianissimo - The Soothing Melody Common Normal Monster
COMJ-EN012 Crescendo - The Pulsing Melody Rare Effect Monster
COMJ-EN013 Flat-Sharp - The Half-Step Rare Effect Monster
COMJ-EN014 Fermata - The Grand Finale Secret Rare Effect Monster
COMJ-EN015 Accelerando - The Swift Note Common Normal Monster
COMJ-EN016 Lagato - Connector of the Melodies Common Effect Monster
COMJ-EN017 Madrigal - Three Voices Super Rare Spell Card
COMJ-EN018 Ballad - Musical Blast! Common Spell Card
COMJ-EN019 Canticle - Soothing Canon Common Spell Card
COMJ-EN020 Symphony of Destruction Common Trap Card
COMJ-EN021 Dynamic Dynamics Common Trap Card
COMJ-EN022 Aria - Screech of Doom Common Continuous Spell Card
COMJ-EN023 Torment Knight Common Union Monster
COMJ-EN024 Torment Night Mare Common Union Monster
COMJ-EN025 Torment Rat Common Union Monster
COMJ-EN026 Torment Raven Common Union Monster
COMJ-EN027 Torment Cage Ultra Rare Union Monster
COMJ-EN028 Torment Parasite Common Union Monster
COMJ-EN029 Majesty's Order Common Continuous Trap Card
COMJ-EN030 Torment Dragon Secret Rare Union Monster
COMJ-EN031 Torment Handcuffs Super Rare Union Monster
COMJ-EN032 Priizeon - The Region of Torment Common Field Spell Card
COMJ-EN033 Torment Juggler Common Effect Monster
COMJ-EN034 The Perfect Bone Common Effect Monster
COMJ-EN035 The Perfect Muscle Common Effect Monster
COMJ-EN036 Feud for Power Common Normal Trap
COMJ-EN037 The Perfect Mind Rare Effect Monster
COMJ-EN038 Josh - The Master of Chaos Common Normal Monster
COMJ-EN039 Eel Blued Rare Gemini Monster
COMJ-EN040 Zeal Crud Secret Rare Gemini Monster
COMJ-EN041 Perfect Daemon Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
COMJ-EN042 Dezure the Desert Monarch Super Rare Effect Monster
COMJ-EN043 Kayoz the Chaos Monarch Super Rare Effect Monster
COMJ-EN044 Steem the Smog Monarch Super Rare Effect Monster
COMJ-EN045 Oriental Chimera Ultra Rare Effect Monster
COMJ-EN046 Tomato Common Normal Monster
COMJ-EN047 Sleeping Ray Common Spell Card
COMJ-EN048 The Snake Common Equip Spell Card
COMJ-EN049 The Spur Common Equip Spell Card
COMJ-EN050 Bamboo Sword Rare Equip Spell Card
COMJ-EN051 Bamboo Sword of Blazing Fire Rare Equip Spell Card
COMJ-EN052 Bamboo Sword of Frozen Ice Rare Equip Spell Card
COMJ-EN053 Bamboo Sword of Storming Winds Rare Equip Spell Card
COMJ-EN054 Bamboo Sword of Raging Earth Rare Equip Spell Card
COMJ-EN055 Bamboo Sword of Black Chaos Rare Equip Spell Card
COMJ-EN056 Bamboo Sword of Shining Light Rare Equip Spell Card
COMJ-EN057 Bamboo Sword of Luck Common Continuous Spell Card
COMJ-EN058 Sakuretsu Battle Armor Common Trap Card
COMJ-EN059 Rise of the Haunted Ultra Rare Continuous Trap Card
COMJ-EN060 Glue Wall Common Continuous Trap Card
COMJ-EN061 Siam the Killer Ultra Rare Effect Monster
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