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Clear Wing Rebellion Dragon
Japan-flag.png Romaji Haōshirokuroryū Kuria Wingu Riberion Doragon
Japan-flag.png Translated Supreme King White-Black Dragon, Clear Wing Rebellion Dragon
Creator XBrain130
Attribute WIND WIND.png
Type(s) [ Dragon/Synchro/Effect ]
Level 11 Level2.pngLevel2.pngLevel2.pngLevel2.pngLevel2.pngLevel2.pngLevel2.pngLevel2.pngLevel2.pngLevel2.pngLevel2.png
ATK / DEF 3000 / 2500
1 Xyz Tuner + 1 non-Tuner Synchro Monster
If this card is Synchro Summoned using an Xyz Monster on the field as material: Place 1 Xyz Material Counter on this card for each material that monster had. If a card or effect that involves detaching Xyz Materials would affect this card, remove an appropriate number of Xyz Material Counters from this card. When a card or effect is activated (Quick Effect): You can remove 1 Xyz Material Counter from this card; negate the activations of your opponent's cards and effects activated before this effect in this Chain, and if you do, shuffle the negated cards into the Deck, then this card gain 500 ATK for each card shuffled by this effect. This card can use the effects of all monsters negated by this effect. If this card is destroyed: You can target 1 Dragon Synchro or Xyz Monster in either GY, except "Clear Wing Rebellion Dragon"; Special Summon it.
Description Artwork by NeoPhoenixKnight
Sets The Endless Samsara (TESA-EN043 - ???)