The Symbol for Cometshower Spell/Trap cards.

Cometshower Spell/Trap cards are a type of card created by StarlightSG. They were created alongside Constellation Monsters.

What Are They?

Cometshower Spell/Trap Cards are always treated as 2 different type of Spell/Trap Cards: Their Cometshower form, but also treat themselves as any kind of card that they could be. For example, a Cometshower Spell Card is a Cometshower card, but is also either a Normal, Continuous, Field, Equip, Ritual, or Quick-Play card, and Cometshower Trap Cards would be both a Cometshower Card, but is also either a Norrmal, Continuous, or Counter Trap Card. As a result, a Cometshower Spell card could be dubbed as a "Quick-Play Cometshower Spell Card", etc.

Their Function

The intended function of Cometshower Spell/Trap cards is to aid the player to Constellation Summon. They do this through their ability to provide the player whom activated the card Nebula Counters, which are necessary to Constellation Summon monsters. All Cometshower Spell/Trap cards will say the following: Gain/Pay/Your opponent gains/Your opponent pays (Number of Nebula Counters) to activate this card.

This card is also a (other Spell/Trap card definition).


For example, see Meteor Rain.

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