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“Command” is an archetype of LIGHT Machine-type monsters created by LGhostRiderl, and debuted in Light and Dark Powers.


All “Command” monsters have a Greek letter in the form of a red symbol in their faces; different letters from each other:

Extra Deck “evolved” Command Main Deck Command Greek Letter
X-Alphus Alphus Alpha
X-Deltum Deltum Delta
X-Gamea Gamea Gamma
X-Omoga Omoga Omega


The monsters of this archetype are based on the Jaegers from the film Pacific Rim. All of them have white body and greek letters in their faces, and the Main Deck monsters resemble small, “human” versions of the Extra Deck Monsters.

Playing Style

All “Command” monsters (with the exception of “X-Alphus”) possess the following effect:

“This card cannot be used as Xyz Material Monster”.

"Commands” focus on Synchro Summons, using cards like “Command Transformation” and “Command Recycle” to Special Summon level 4 “Command” Synchro Monsters from the Extra Deck (those Special Summons are not treated as Synchro Summons), to fast Synchro Summons. “Alphus” can search any “Command” monster, and “Deltum” can Search any “Command” Quick-Play Spell Card, to Special Summon level 4 Synchro Monsters like “Command - X-Gamea” and “Command - X-Omoga”, while also enables higher level Synchro Summons, like “Command - X-Deltum” and “Command - X-Alphus”.