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Composition Monsters ((こう)()モンスター, Kōzu Monsutā) are new monsters used in Yu-Gi-Oh! GSTART. They are stored in the Extra Deck and Special Summoned by Composition Summon, using Base Monsters and monsters in your Graveyard. The color of their card frame is red.

These monsters use an element from Synchro Monsters, as they need a certain kind of monster, namely Base Monsters, to Summon. However, the main difference is that aside from the Base Monster, the Material Monsters are in the Graveyard, but are brought back and stacked on top of the Base Monster similar to Xyz Materials. Instead of going underneath the Summoned monster, the Materials are placed in front of the monster in an invisible "zone". Some Composition Monsters deactivate their Composition Materials for their effects, and some even have negative effects if they have no active Composition Materials, similar to most Xyz Monsters. What makes these monsters different from others in that aside from a broad limit usually set on the Materials, there are no restrictions on what can be used, as Levels do not factor in with Composition Monsters; Also, more than one Base Monster can be used in a single Composition Summon, as opposed to Tuner Monsters, which mostly only allow one Tuner to be used.  Also, as the Composition Materials are sent back to the Graveyard when the Composition Monster leaves the field, it is easy to Special Summon these monsters in succession by simply re-Summoning the same Base and re-using the same Materials.

Composition Monsters do not have Levels. Instead, they have Qualities.

The reason for the name "Composition Monsters" derives from GSTART, where they are referred to as "compositions of their Materials' souls".

Example Card Frame

Composition Card Frame.jpg