Cosmic-Eyes Terror Darkspace Dragon
Attribute DARK DARK
Type(s) [ Wyrm/Xyz/Effect ]
Rank 8 18px-RankStar.svg18px-RankStar.svg18px-RankStar.svg18px-RankStar.svg18px-RankStar.svg18px-RankStar.svg18px-RankStar.svg18px-RankStar.svg
ATK / DEF 3500 / 3000
2 Level 8 "Darkspace" and/or "Galaxy" monsters
(This card is always treated as a "Galaxy-Eyes Darkspace Dragon" card.)
If card is Xyz Summoned: You can destroy as many face-up monsters opponent controls that were Special Summoned from the Extra Deck, and if you do, inflict 1000 damage to your opponent for each monster destroyed by this effect. Once per turn: You can detach 2 Xyz Materials from this card; destroy all Spell/Trap Cards your opponent controls.
Summon chant "When I overlay two Level 8 "Darkspace" monsters, A new dragon whose eyes is that of Galaxy is born! The bones will soon chilled upon your roar. Now terrorized your opponents as you see fit, and caused chaos within your wake! Xyz Summon! Rise! A dragon capable of destruction! Rank 8 Galaxy-Eyes Terror Darkspace Dragon!"
Rarity Ultra Rare

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